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What is it with little girls and their hoarding abilities? But, the hoarding of teeny tiny little bits of “stuff” that drive you MENTAL? When we moved I literally threw out many, many containers filled with bits and pieces – little ponies, hair clips, elastics, little crappy presents that you get in a lolly bag – and it hasn’t been missed. At all. Open up any of Daisy’s purses/backpacks/bags, and you will find barbie hair brushes, clips, animals, lego pieces all together and they can never be put away again because WHERE DO THEY BELONG?! And they HAVE to go with them wherever they are going. The car “Oh my I NEED to bring the mother & baby tiger” to bed “Mum I NEED to cuddle something soft AND something hard”. My sister in law and I had a chat about this recently and her 2 little girls do the same. It appears that a 3 or 4 year old is bag lady working on getting a spot on Oprah’s next hoarding episode.

Anyway, I digress. Each and every time we eat the girls seem to have “something” with them. A little guest, a book, a little “sumfing” to watch them eat. We have a rule that they can’t play with them, but they can sit there – although in the case of Harper a little “sumfing” is required to distract her while I shovel food into her mouth.

Last week I found this little lady at table. Dressed for the part nonetheless. My aunty {again another member of my family who was blessed with a serious ability to sew & make things} made this little pretty for Harper when she was born, however Daisy has completely taken over the mothering of her because Harper doesn’t know any different. Poor little sucker. Oh it’s going to be fun when she finally works it all out isn’t it?

Very sweet no?


  1. My girls are exactly the same. We have so many handbags filled with little bits of crap (they insist it’s precious) that have to be taken EVERYWHERE. Drives me insane.

    Yep, the fun and games begin when the both want to do/have something. We now have to have two of everything or it’s an all-out brawl.

    That doll is divine!

  2. Gorgeous softie doll. So well made. Love it!
    I relate, my daughter can’t leave a room without something in it. It seems to be bags with bunnies, dollies, books, bears, purse, necklaces…………………………..

  3. Gorgeous doll! I have a boy though, and he doesn’t care much for holding onto things. He has a stuffed giraffe that he tends to show a small amount of affection towards, but that’s about it.

  4. She’s a lovely little dolly – all hell will surely break loose.

    BTW, my girls are collectors as well. The little BITS drive me nuts. I cannot wait until they are old enough to sort out their own BITS as I am beyond tired of it. x

  5. My girl is a little older than Harper and so far has an attachment to nothing. Yet her brother at this age had a toy monkey that *had* to go everywhere with him, and was totally necessary for sleep. He’s 5 now and still sleeps with him. Wonder if my daughter will be less like that? Hmmm…

  6. I was just like that when I was little and I seem to recall it driving my mother INSANE!

    I once stole an entire shop-counter full of little figurines which my mum found in my pockets at bath-time. Much humiliated (my mum that is, I don’t think I cared much..) I was marched back to the shop the following day to give back my haul and apologise profusely.

    With two boys I just find piles of dinosaur eggs (rocks) and magic sticks EVERYWHERE…. not sure which is worse?!

  7. I love it, soon you will find yourself giving them the lecture about how, as a child, you had nothing (regardless of if this was the case or not). Like my father told me when I said I wanted a bike, that he didn’t get a bike until he was 16 and that was his brothers old bike that had no rubber on the tyres.

    Sadly he added that he had to ride it through the snow to school everyday. At this stage I knew something was amiss, he lived in Eastwood and went to St Kevins, ask yourself, did you EVER see snow in Eastwood?

  8. That’s a seriously gorgeous doll!

    I’m with you on all the little crap lying around. I’ve just thrown out a bunch of stuff today from my boys’ room. My 8yo keeps elastic bands he finds and rocks and even pencil shavings for goodness sake! Ugh!

  9. Such a beautiful doll.

    I have a son and a daughter.
    My daughter hoards lots of pink sparkly plasticky things and the odd random object she picks up. Once she had the top of a rusty, old tap she found. We took it everywhere for at least a fortnight.

    My son hoards odd lego creations and bizarre space type toys that often glow in the dark. …

  10. Gorgeous little dolly. Such a clever Auntie. The small collectibles drive me mad too (and all the broken bits and pieces that they hold on to and try to stick on other toys). “I want to go to bed with something soft and something hard”. Hmmmmmm…

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