Are all the go round here at the moment. Days on the Advent calendar. Days until Daisy finishes school. Days until the weekend. Until Rob finishes work. Oh and Christmas. That too. Whilst I had quite the flurry of pre-Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, the excitement has well and truly died down and I seem to be in denial of the fact that it’s Christmas. Next weekend. But anyway, I am sure you are all feeling that too, so let’s move on.

Next week, before that whole Christmas thing even begins {Thursday week in fact}, I am heading away with every single member of my immediate family. That’s right. All my siblings. My Mum and Step dad. And all. Those. Kids. Last count? 18 people. For one week. In one house. By the beach. Are we crazy? You betcha!

I am a strange mixture of excitement, anticipation. And fear. Sometimes a family lunch will send us all into a spin so imagine what a week will do?!

But. The thing is. Is that it will be memorable. And probably something we will never do again. And the kids are going to DIE all being together on Christmas morning. And all those memories, will certainly outweigh the fewer frazzled kid/food/alcohol/argument dramas that will inevitably follow. Right?! YOU BET!

And the location won’t hurt either. We are literally on the beach down on the south coast. Swims {beach AND pool}. Walks on the beach. Drinks at sunset listening to the waves. Rock pool discoveries. Kite flying. Board game playing. Family dinners and lunches.

Bring. It. On.

I’s just not sure if the front yard is big enough? Did someone say cricket?!


  1. STOP IT! Really? That’s where you’re staying? A-Maze-Ing.

  2. I’m not envious of where you’re staying BUT I am envious of the fact that you’re going to have a HUGE Christmas surrounded by family – something I long for but will never have because our family just isn’t close!

    So enjoy every chaotic minute of it!!


  3. That is the epitome of an Aussie Christmas! We are headed to the coast as well and it has always been a tradition to walk down the beach fo a game of cricket I hate cricket but can’t go without this tradition!!!

  4. It will be amazing.

    Xmas time for me is always hectic, even Xmas Day. I cannot wait to just relax for once!

    Had an early Xmas dinner on Sunday and I craved a sip of all the lux champagne being passed around… Will have to wait till March before I have another sip! Seems like forever away!!

  5. Jeez Beth, you’re livin’ the dream!!

  6. Sounds fantastic!!

  7. AWESOME! Do email me the address of the beach house that fits so many as we are constantly on the lookout for good spots for our own fam. Is this at Culburra / Calalla Beach / Jervis Bay or further afield? I’m not recognising… x

  8. PS – Just before I read your post I was thinking “gees (well, you know how I don’t like to write what I was REALLY thinking!) December is just one long countdown”… Great minds, as always. x

  9. For serious! JEALOUS! and … good luck!

  10. Wow! I’m super jealous of where you’re staying AND the fact you get a whole week with your siblings! It might be chaotic but you’ll have such an amazing time!!

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