Christmas crafting

There are 8 very excited small people around here that we need to keep busy. All. The. Time. Grandma is coming into her element with {literally} a very large bag of tricks. This morning we had the unveiling of the journal for the recording of the Christmas memories. For the little ones that can’t write yet, they have to draw pictures. Each day they have written/drawn down a little something that they thought was the memory of the day. They are taking it all very seriously – making sure they all do it at the same time, and when finished returned to the ends of their beds. Hilarious. And delightful.


  1. What a great idea – we did this recently on a family o/s holiday and I have put the journals safely away to read again in years to come 🙂
    We did some crafting on xmas day – the star garalands we saw over at messyfreckle
    And today we are going to make freindship bracelets (as the bigger girls have just learned how to plait and make some playdoh).
    Have fun with all those little ones!!

  2. I’ll try the journal, too. We are just about to go on holidays with my niece and nephew, so the older kids will have something to keep them busy.

  3. Beautiful! xx.

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