Christmas catchups

They say that this time of year IS crazy and the last 3 days have certainly proved that to be the case. I am writing this at my table this morning, dressing gown on, central heating on, kids in slippers…and it’s 5 more sleeps until Christmas? Strange indeed.

We had another crazy weekend. Packed with catchup’s with people, a very cranky baby that refused to sleep between the hours of 10pm and 5am, an over excited toddler amazed by the “helltell” and the city and 2 parents that were exhausted at the end of it all. When we drove into our driveway yesterday afternoon you could almost hear the collected sigh of relief that we were home. That’s a really good feeling.

Highlights included…

: Teppanyaki on Friday night with some good friends. I have always wanted to do this and had never quite got around to it. The food was delicious and it was so much fun to catch it in bowls. Combined with good Japanese beer and good company? A perfect combination.

: Walking around the harbour at some ungodly early hour on Saturday morning as everyone was awake was pretty good. That bridge, that view, never fails to impress me. As it was before 7am we had the place to ourselves – including the park under the bridge, and that was pretty good.

: Trip to Luna Park and seeing Daisy’s face light up at it all. I remember those same feelings about that place when I was little – it’s so nice to see it all happen again and get to experience it a little yourself. That Ferris wheel has the best view in Sydney does it not?

: Catching up with old friends and having a few celebratory drinks along the way. Always a good idea at the time – never such a good thing 3 hours later when you are still awake with a miserable baby.

Poor Harper was most certainly not herself all weekend. She had her 12 month injections on Friday morning and between those, the fact that she so desperately wants to walk and can’t, being in an unknown place in the same room as Rob and I and some back molar issues. She was miserable. She didn’t sleep. She got bitten by mosquito’s. She had a terrible bottom. She just was not happy. At all. It was exhausting, and frustrating for us too – always the way when you just want to relax and have fun isn’t it? But after a great nights sleep last night, I can report that she is feeling better. Thank goodness.

I am trying not to get ahead of myself about the holidays ahead. I have a bad habit of doing that – predicting the worst case scenarios as a mental preparation I think – but if we have a run like we did the last days I think I might just go crazy. No sleep, many drinks and cranky, overtired kids is never a good combination. Let’s hope it was just the needles…right? RIGHT?!

Now. Off to watch Frosty the Snowman, have some coffee, rug up and get the very last of the Christmas shopping done. I think a fire may not be out of the question tonight. Wrapping presents by the fire with Christmas lights on? Now that’s Christmas. Shame it’s still light until after 8pm – not quite the same effect!


  1. It’s the needles, totally the needles. And of course, highlighted by crankiness at not walking. You’ll get through it. And hey, a fire, Christmas lights, your beautiful home… mmmmmm.

  2. A cozy fire wrapping Christmas presents sure sounds like the perfect way to finish your wonderful weekend (of course more sleep would have been better). I can just imagine it. Your country home is stunning. May you and your lovely girls get some more sleep soon. I’m with PPMJ, it’s definitely the needles. xx

  3. Oh, and the molars…

  4. Oh I love that home feeling.

    Here’s to lots of Christmas sleep for all of us! xxx

  5. The jabs really knock the littlies around, don’t they!

    It’s FREEZING in Sydney today, I’m over it!!! Abi has a tracksuit on!

    Light the fire for sure. And have a hot chocolate for me!

  6. For the first time in a long time I missed Sydney. I used to have a window seat in Nth Sydney overlooking the Bridge and would walk across it for exercise sake regularly. It is a vibrant city. Glad you enjoyed it without the hustle and bustle in the early morning. Kids are great for this! 🙂
    Your home and some R&R today sounds perfect. There really is no place like home!

  7. It almost feels today as if Sydney will experience its first ever white Christmas! Yikes!

    Totally the needle…

    Whatever, though. We all know that a holiday with kids under 10 is just a business trip for Mums. Same shite, different location. But, the change in location is often all that is needed despite the turmoil!! x

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