Whether the weather

If there is one thing that’s been a constant since we have been here, it’s that you have NO idea what the weather will do one moment to the next. I have always been a weather gal…a little obsessed some may say…it’s my family honestly. When Dick Whittaker or Grahame Creed start talking about a SRE {significant rain event for those not in the know} we will actually, seriously call each other and discuss said SRE. And if that shit doesn’t show up? Or is less significant and more meh? MY family knows about it. Talks about it. Discusses it. At length. I wish I was kidding. No, not really. That’s one of the many reasons why I am grateful I was born into the family I was.

I am yet to get the weather station required for the new fancy house. The inside outside temps etc…Santa listen up! I even want one of those wind things that were attached to the top of trucks in twister – you know? COME ON YOU KNOW THE ONES RIGHT?! Just last night I was putting the girls to bed, plotting just where I was going to have my bottle of champagne (yes on a Tuesday why not?!) visualising the late evening sun shining down upon us when I came out and I said to Rob “what’s with all the smoke?” The mists had come in…from NO where…and were an absolute joy to watch roll in. As was the champagne in case you were wondering.

It’s an absolute joy to sit and watch this weather, my new weather – proper weather roll in from no where and leave just as fast it arrived.

Like this little storm last Monday afternoon. That flooded our septic tank and looked like a severe snow storm. The storm? Awesome. The flooded septic? Notsomuch.

We have only really had 2 or 3 hot summery days over the past 7 weeks. We have had actual snow…in October! We have had many fires needed at night and plenty of spring days that dry the clothes on my clothes line…it’s quite the roller coaster.

And this will all do quite nicely. Quite nicely Indeed.


  1. I know what is with the weather? It’s hot here now in Brissie, and I’m hoping that it’s here to stay. Wet washing hanging on the line, drying very quickly when the weathers fine.

  2. Love these photos. Charmaine

  3. Whoa! Quite the swimming pool happening there in the yard!

    I need to know the temp every day. Even if it feels warm, I need to know *how* warm it’s gonna be. That’s just me.

    My Dad is obsessed with directions. If you tell him you drove somewhere, he’ll ask ‘Which way did you go?” You tell him, and then minutes later he’s back with the street directory showing you which way you *should* have gone. Sigh.

  4. Love how you say BOTTLE of champagne and not just a GLASS!!!!
    And yes…so what if is is only Tuesday!!!!

  5. Oh, my! I used to leave detailed weather reports for my family each morning for when they left for work and then when they’d arrived home we’d set aside a little time for some interactive weather channel reviews. It lasted about six or seven years. So I SO get your weather obsession xx

  6. weather map for your blog,


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