Teething Tuesday

Harper has herself one tidy set of chompers. I have said it before, the kid likes to teeth. At just 12 months of age she is currently working on her 11th & 12th teeth and boy are they causing her some GRIEF. I wonder how it must feel to teeth? Sore, swollen gums? Hot pain that goes right through your head?

She has had something in her mouth the entire time {namely her chubby little fist and fingers}. She has been waking at 5am most days whinging and in pain, her poos are the most outrageous display of yuck that ever there was. Her bottom looks like she has been through the wringers of said outrageous display. Her eczema has been a little flared as well. What a business this growing up can be.

At least she still looks adorable whilst she does it.


  1. Oh I remember those days (not that long ago really) with the drooling and wet tops. It must be painful. She is gorgeous, lovely eyes.

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