Sunny Daise

The changes in the girls since we have moved here are both on the outside and the inside. They are both healthier looking – from all the time spent outside, the the fresh air, the sunshine. They are stronger from all the walks into town and also just getting around such a bigger space. They are sleeping well {certainly not longer} but bedtime is just another part of the day – a normal thing – no big deal and for the first time in ages that is bloody fantastic.

They are playing well together – sure Daisy cracks the shits with Harper after the first 37 seconds of playing together, but we are slowly getting there. Having their own space to play in, to make a mess in has been great for all of us. Their space. Our space. Revolutionary and extremely lucky I know.

Daisy is doing really well at pre school. I am so proud of her. Each and every week she has trotted off for her 2 days and hasn’t shed ONE tear. This is BIG news for her. BIG. The teachers there are lovely and the kids sweet and kind – I can’t believe how lucky we were to get her in this term and have next year all sorted. This was such a huge hurdle {in my mind and heart} and to see just how easy a transition it has been has amazed me. Kids do that to parents don’t they? They just get on and do stuff that *we* think they can’t. Mum lesson #2768 ticked off thankyouverymuch.

She has also made friends with a little lady literally at our back fence. Gracie and Daise and have taken to each other like life long friends {who incidentally have their birthdays TWO days apart}. Almost every day one of them is here, or there, and it has given me a taste for life down the track – with friends over – and it’s fun! The kids play together – Harper follows them around and I get to do other things without being begged to ‘play! play!’ which is what I have to do most of the time with Daisy. The parents are also fabulous and we all seem to be getting along well – just another blessing I am counting down here daily.

I was looking at my {biggest} 3 yro gal on the weekend, sitting watching me from the front step and I just had to take some shots of her. When I looked back at them I was amazed at a few things. Just how grown up she looks now. She grown up she is now. How sometimes, just sometimes I get a wee glimpse at the little girl she was. I hope I always get little snippets here and there and just how happy she looks. Content. At peace.


  1. How lovely & she certainly does look more grown up

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Tears are running down my face in joy. Just beautiful xx

  3. What a beauty she is! Bless xx

  4. Beautiful, gorgeous shots. I relate to all your sentiments. Neighbours make the best play friends; we’ve luckily got one too!

  5. What fabulous shots – she’s a gorgeous gal.

  6. Oh, Beth! A thoughtful and heartwarming post, topped off by some divine photos. I was so interested to read your thoughts on how the country life has been an improvement for your family. And do share – what camera do you have? Those photos are first-class. J x

  7. Happiness! x

  8. Just beautiful

    and yes, please tell…camera breed?

  9. As I emailed to Jane I have a Canon EOS 500D which is fabulous but of which I know 1% of how to use. It also does video which Rob tells me is AMAZING. I do like to have a little tinker though and it makes you look like a far better photographer than you actually are so that’s a bonus!

  10. We moved to a country town from a city six years ago and love it. I had to laugh when I read your profile about the name Bev, ‘cos I’ve never met so many Bevs or Margarets!

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