Say it with me: aaaaaaah

You guys! It’s Friday! But you knew that already right? BUT….it’s Friday and for the first in 6 weeks(!) we don’t have anybody coming here this weekend! I could go mad with these! But! I! Won’t!

This morning I don’t have to go to Dan Murphy’s and pick up a truck load of booze {my liver will be grateful}. I don’t have to go to the supermarket and drop a couple of hundred dollars on food. I don’t have to think about meal planning, or bed making, or sheet & towel washing…nup!

I get to have a normal Friday – preschool pick up and drop off. Some washing. Some gardening perhaps. I really don’t know. And I like it. I like it very much.

Yes, these are rates that Rob {Bob} wrote up on our glass kitchen splash back for guests to take in last weekend. Sounds like somewhere up in the Hunter Valley doesn’t it?!

And yes, I do believe that surly attitude comes from me….

Hope YOU have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Enjoy!.
    PS – You’re more of a Beth to me.

  2. Now there’s the trouble with a tree-change within driving distance of the city… right there!!

    Steep rates, Beth. But I reckon you’re worth it.

    Gotta learn to say… no! x

  3. You are indefatigable, Beth. Just amazing. Now go over to the sofa and collapse. That’s an order! J x

  4. Aaah indeed. Enjoy the reprieve.

  5. ha ha ha ha {!!!} Beth you are too funny.

    Enjoy your weekend ‘off’.

  6. Ummm it seems the best part of the room rates were carefully removed….??

  7. Enjoy your weekend of freedom Beth! I hope you and the fam get into some relaxing x

  8. I agree with Lucy – where are the other comments on the splash back?!?

    LOL!!??!!? (argh!)

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