A rose by any other name

I’m all for for signs. I am always on the look out for them and seem to read into the silliest things – calling it a sign! A number plate – a name of a shop – anything can be A SIGN! And yes it always has to have a ! after it! OK!

Anyway, over the weekend I happened to spot the world’s most beautiful rose that ever there was and I was literally in awe of something so pretty. It was climbing up some old twigs that had been put together and I just plain fell in love. And then this morning? I had to pop into the nursery and when I parked the car the bonnet almost ran into these beauties. THE ROSE! Again! So I asked if they had any in stock – alas no – but…he was making a rose order later this morning! A SIGN! See? So I ordered me one. I have never ordered anything from a nursery before, I feel like quite the gardener, and this little pretty shall be mine. All mine!

It’s called a Pierre De Ronsard and isn’t it amazing? It’s love. Who knew I would be in love with a rose?

Anyway, enough about the roses already I hear you say. I know. I’ll move on. We had the most perfect weekend ever here – just us all weekend – perfect weather, time in the garden, time with new friends, time in artist’s studios and gardens and time eating home made jam drops from neighbours. It was perfect  in all in cliched ways that it sounds but it just filled me to the absolute brim with happiness. And gratitude. I may just be the luckiest lady that ever there was.

We have another busy week ahead of us. The circus has come to town {much to Daisy’s pure joy and excitement} so I am going to see if we can get her there for a show. Then we have a mid week Grandma visitor and then on the weekend an extravaganza of my family {another circus altogether} – my older sister is coming up from Melbourne along with my brother & his fam, my Ma and my little sis. I think there will be 14 of us sleeping here on Saturday night! So…much planning to do for that.

Now just to get my goods from the nursery in this morning…


  1. These are the times when technology truly fails us.
    To be tempted by the beauty of these roses and not be able to smell them is just plain cruel!
    Thank you for sharing the images tho’ they really are a special gift.

    Felicity x

  2. That rose is particularly exquisite. I agree with Felicity!

  3. I could fall in love with a rose! Me! I adore them. I can’t get any of them to establish at my place, but I would love to.

    Pierre is particularly lovely. Is it a David Austin rose?

    Enjoy your week (and the Circus!) x

  4. I have a Pierre – climbing on my side fence. It never does as well as I’d like it to – but I think that’s because it’s got a massive salvia underfoot. Will need to ply it with love this season as it is a spectacularly beautiful flower.

    How exciting for you!

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