Rainy days

Oh, so there is some more rain here today. Just for something different. We have a rain gauge here so I can tell you we have had 112mls since Saturday night. That seems a lot to me. But I really have no idea in matters such as these.

It has also been a little rainy inside this week too. Harper got sick Monday night with either some kind of bug or another reaction to fruit and was les miserables. Of course this was on a night that Rob was up in Sydney it was extra stressful {for me at least} – stripping sheets and picking out vomit chucks whilst holding screaming babies while toddlers were awake. It was a 3am party in my bed and I think about 3 hours sleep. And all that extra washing that comes with bugs like these? Piling up and threatening to take over the house.

She is a little better today – still whingey though – and mostly frustrated that she can’t just get up and walk. She is now pulling herself up on things but with lots of stacks and misses as she figures it all out. I’m not sure what is more frustrating – the fact that I can’t just help her and show her what to do or the constant whining. I cannot stand the whining…it strikes some non coping, stressed out to the max chord in me. Sure it makes things 1000 times worse when I react like this…and yet? Hmmm.

Anywho. Hopefully we get a break in the weather {and whinging} soon…luckily she’s cute.


  1. Excuse me – the hairclip? Could she BE any cuter? Think not! Hope she’s on the mend xx

  2. Do not, I repeat, do not look at the long range weather forecast. I made that mistake and it’s been raining in my very soul every since.

    SUPER cute photos!!! x

  3. cute pics! its raining here too!
    mr 2.5 is going to go crazy being indoors all day.

  4. I’m another who can’t cope with the whining. It pushes my buttons like nothing else, makes me irationally angry.

    Hope that gorgeous girl is feeling better, and you’re feeling better too.
    take care

  5. Bucketing here today, hon, and sympathy with you. The 3yr old has had awful tummy pains over the past week waking him during the night. Think he had a gastro and it’s the after affects. Of is that ‘effects’? I never know the diff.

    Hope she’s better soon. Being cute helps. 🙂

  6. I would like to point out a glaring inconsistency with your blog posts. This is a concern to me and should be to all you readers.

    On Wednesday the 17th November you state that you “have always been a weather gal… a little obsessed some may say.”.

    You then go on to quote true meterological icons like Graeme Creed and Dick Whittaker and toss around willy-nilly, fancy sounding acronyms like “SRE” which, quite fortuitously for you does in fact match up to the well known BOM short hand for “Significant Rain Event”.

    So, the inconsistency is such. Are you, are you not a “weather gal” as you declare, when you don’t even know that the November average monthly rainfall for your nearest BOM approved catchment centre is in fact 65.3 mm. And therefore why can’t you in fact make any form of sensible editorial with regards to whether 112 mms since Sunday night is a lot, or not.

    Well I think that the only logical conclusion is that i) it is in fact, a bloody lot of rain and ii) you either have a little bit further to go before you can in fact call yourself a “weather gal” or, you have a confidence problem with regards to your true meterological skills.

    Either way, some things for you to work on.

    Mr Anonymous

  7. Boy, you are a know-it-all Anomymous, aren’t you! HArper is gorgeous!Hope she’s a little better.

  8. I KNEW Mr Anon would comment on the fact that I said I don’t really know about rainfall…KNEW it as soon as I wrote the sentence.

    Nice to get you out again though, thank you x

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