Point & Shoot

Sunday 14th November 2010
5.10pm @ home

: post dinner carnage mostly caused by 1 year old who ate her dinner like a drunken rugby forward
: do you sometimes feel like an overworked waitress/cook in a really badly paid gig who has to cook, clean up then start all over again? Yep, me neither.


  1. No. All the time!

  2. hehe, sure do!

  3. I’ve seen worse honey!! I can’t tell you the glory & sanity it is to sit at a dining table each night with 4 schoolies who don’t drop a crumb (they are always starving) after years of high chairs, smearing peas, porridge, everything & having plastic under the dining table to protect the carpet!! Just giving you a glimmer of hope, suddenly your dinner will be a mess free affair in your future!! It’s your reward for hanging in there. Love Posie

  4. Too familiar to be funny for me Beth! Love your work 🙂

  5. yep, yep, yep!

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