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Saturday 6th November 2010 3.02pm
Afternoon tea for our latest round of weekend guests 
: Home made scones with jam and cream…and champagne of course!

And I can assure you they were even tastier than they look. My Mum’s recipe for lemonade scones are FOOLPROOF and dead easy.

: 4 cups of SR flour
: 300ml thickened cream
: 300ml lemonade

That’s it.

Mix together in bowl, move onto floured board when mixed (will be sticky) then knead slightly but don’t overwork {more like pat them into shape}. Use floured glass to cut out…add onto baking tray with them touching then pull apart and devour just as soon as you won’t burn your fingers!

Just call me Beverley.


  1. BEV! Ha! You have no idea how much I wanted to leap into my computer and grab those scones. I am so trying this one… Yesss!

  2. Oh god, right now I hate you! I have been wanting scones for weeks now (after seeing them on a tv show) and I had managed to forget about wanting them. Til now!!!

    They do look amazing!

  3. Looks like we’ll have some happy kids in our house tomorrow afternoon with scones on the menu for afternoon tea!

    Felicity x

  4. those scones look amazing! clever you.

  5. That recipe sound so simple – 3 things? They look scrumptious. Yum!

  6. Those scones look delish!! I use the same recipe and find these super easy to make. Have just discovered your lovely blog and enjoyed reading back through some older posts x

  7. My lord! I will def have to try those! 3 ingredients?! BONUS!


  8. Bev so glad to find you!!

    Those scones look so delish and of course with champagne!!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway….I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  9. I’ll definitely have to give that recipe a go! There must be something about being in the country that turns you into a scone baker! It happened to me too 🙂 Love love love your blog!

  10. Why spend forever rubbing cold butter into flour? Go the lemonade! Aaaand my mum’s name is Beverley! x

  11. Yum, they look so good! Will have to try them!


  12. Right – I am trying that recipe. I can never get my scones to rise. They are always more like rock cakes but yours look delicious and if they are really as easy as you say….

  13. i put lemonade in my scones too!

  14. Yummy.

  15. that table and setting is just lovely and yummy!

  16. This must the best recipe ever! (Its mine too) YUMMO! Now you have your own jam to put on now too! xx

  17. Made these this afternoon…ahhmazing 🙂

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