A mango mishap

A month or so ago Harper got stuck into some pineapple which she was totally into at the time, until many hours later she was screaming and literally crawling up my arms holding on for dear life. The other end, it would appear, did not like the pineapple so much. After a frazzled drive to the doctor {at that stage I had no idea what was going on} and checking everything – arms/legs/organs I finally worked it out. Der. You think I might have some clue on this parenting thing by now wouldn’t you?

So once we sorted it out and all of the pineapple had finally left the building I vowed never go there again. Except I somehow thought that mango would be OK. Except it wasn’t. Isn’t.

Last night we didn’t get much sleep – in fact it was like a flipping circus – one person in bed, one out, one back in our bed, then back to the cot, then Daisy’s, then in the bath, then finally all asleep….just as the sun came up.

Somehow I think it’s going to be a loooooong day. Mango anyone?!

Yes, I did go under the table at dinner to take photos of my daughters toes. How could I resist? I was under there picking up something for someone or cleaning or the like and spied these little beauties. Be still my beating heart….


  1. I don’t like mango, but I do want to eat those toes!

    I hope you survive the day! Lots of telly time, me thinks!

  2. Poor pet. I love the toe shots and the stripey leggings!

  3. Oh no. Not only is it sad that your little girl doesn’t like tropical fruits, it’s that they just don’t seem to like her. So sorry! I’d die without those lovely juicies. As for those adorable feet. Why is it that they aren’t so cute all grown up? Chubby baby toes make me go weak at the knees. Thanks for sharing such cute pictures! xx

  4. Oh poor dear! And poor mom and dad. The footie shots are adorable, though.

    You can send the mangos my way, k?

  5. They are they cutest toes!! Hope today is much better … maybe a little afternoon siesta is in order.

  6. Those toes are too cute. Mango is my most favouritest thing in the world. Yay more for me! ps. sorry you didnt get any sleep 🙁 *S*

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