Making a list…

The Big W catalogue arrived in the mail earlier this week and Daisy almost wet her pants when she saw that Disney now make mini doll versions of the Princesses {which actually just look like pageant toddlers}. We had to get that letter to Santa tout de suite or as I like to say Toot Sweet.

She demanded that I write what she told me {luckily for me I have been an executive assistant before so was able to get down everything} and she drew a picture of Santa as well as sticking in the pictures – just so there is no confusion on the matter.

It reads:

Dear Santa,

I would like the Arial and Aurora dolls and the lawn mower please. I’ve been a good girl Santa – I eat up my banana, I ate my breakfast and I bring my plate up. I have been a good girl planting my garden and watering them. I have been cuddling Harper. I love Mummy and Dad. I’m going to sleep all by myself. I love watching my telly. May I please have these for Christmas?

Love Daisy

This Saturday I am grateful for 3 yr olds who know what they want, and Christmas. I love Christmas and right now we are in the thick of the magic of Christmas. These are the years to remember.

Playing along with Maxabella.


  1. I think Daisy is ‘too sweet’.

    I like a gal who knows what she wants and then goes after it and it sounds like this could be your daughter.

    Enjoy all that unfolds as the magic of Christmas progresses.

    Felicity x

  2. Oh, she’s adorable – the Tsunamis have been pestering me to help me write their Santa letters for weeks. I’ve fended them off… until today. We are just about to get started on them. They tick the things they like in the toy catalogues and we cut them out and paste them in. Many fights as invariably they want something on the back of a cut out… me and my brilliant ideas!!! x

  3. Just so cute – and nothing like being FOCUSSED on goals!

    Apparently my 11yr old is clued in on Santa this year but has chosen to still “believe” – I overhead a conversation with his friend where they discussed that fessing up would result in LESS PRESENTS ….

    Uh Huh

    Love your blog and so glad to see the treechange was such a rocking success.


  4. Great letter to Santa!
    i cant wait for Christmas!

  5. How gorgeous is she … that is super cute!! My kids have a Christmas list and this year I have decided to write one for me too. I think I have been pretty good this year so fingers crossed I may just get something too!

  6. Love Christmas. We are getting into the thick of it here and I relish every moment with my four munchkins. 🙂 Love the letter. So genuine.

  7. I’m grateful for Santa letters. i just love them. And anyone who wants a pageant toddler is all right by me. We haven’t written to Santa yet. Best we get on with it.

  8. That is the sweetest letter ever 🙂

  9. Loved all your recent posts!

    Great letter to Santa! xx.

  10. That’s very sweet! And sounds distinctly like it came out ‘stream-of-consciousness-style’ (classic).
    My little dears asked me if you were allowed to ask Santa to bring you a Wii?

  11. Gorgeous. Reminded me to get on with helping my smalls do theirs.

  12. Christmas with kids is just the best isn’t it!

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