I like your old stuff better than your new stuff

I remember when I first started blogging and I would put up a post {every few weeks or so} updating people{?} or whoever it was – my family & friends I think?! – about being pregnant and how things were coming along. And then one day, I got my first comment – I actually think it was from Rob’s business partner Dave {Hi Dave ! I know you still read this} and all of a sudden I became a little conscious about what it was I was writing. All of a sudden I had an audience that I was writing for {or at least keeping in mind when I was writing}. I certainly knew not to complain too much about Rob or his family lest his someone read it, take offence and have a go at me {Hi Kathryn! Hi Alan! Hi Sue! Hi Kylie! Hi Chris!} or not to complain about something my family did {hi there ALL of you!} because no doubt someone would/could take offence about something I said. And the comments were far and few between but whenever I got one, my heart would soar! Someone was reading me! And thought it interesting enough to comment about! Then one day I took the next step, I started to feed it through to Facebook {hi there all my Facebook friends!} which was a big deal. I was willing to share all the stuff that went into my blog with my wider group of friends {sure it had been feeding through to the whole wide world previous to this, but details, details}. The comments grew, whenever I caught up with people my blog would inevitably be discussed in some form, and people stopped asking me questions when we saw each other in real life, because they were well and truly informed via the blog.

Over the past 4 years the content of this blog has certainly changed. The pregnancy that turned into my first born and all the gore and horror that is that soon became life as a working mother, then a pregnant working mother and then a stay at home Mum of two kids and then back again to working and stressing and all of the dramas of Harper being sick all the time, then resigning from work. Jeepers – what a rollercoaster it has been. Each few months the tone changes – from  being stressed to being happier, from finding the latest stage of parenthood difficult, to my relationship with Rob and all the other roles I play in between – and there are NO doubts that things have changed round these parts in the last month or so.

I was chatting on Saturday night to my Brother and his beautiful wife and Rob {Hi Sam and Jo and Rob!} about the blog and just how it has changed lately. Both Rob and my brother commented on how it has changed. How it seems a little boasty McBoasty and all rainbows and lollypops these days. And I knew exactly what they were talking about. I have felt it myself. I have really thought about the posts that have been going up – how they lack any real sting, or humour that I know I have had in the past. They have lost their cynicism perhaps, their something and I know it, I am aware of it.

I have no doubts that certain people that used to read have turned away, after the initial excitement of the move happened and life resumed a ‘new’ kind of normal, Beth as a Stay at home mother who actually participates in freaking craft with her daughter, is just not the same Beth that you once knew. Linda who writes {brilliantly I might add} on her blog All & Sundry said it a million times better than I ever could here when she talked about some changes she has gone through and I can relate to it. So much. These changes in my life – the moving here into this house has been a physical change sure – but so much more has happened. During the week I think of a hundred funny little stories about life here, about how things are so different, the people, the shops – everything – and then when I sit down to write something I seem to forget about anything small that pissed me off, or made me uncomfortable, and all I can come up with is something about how deliriously happy I am. Boring as it may be, it’s just how I feel at the moment. And when Rob suggested topics that may be a little more, shall we say interesting to you, the reader, I took it on board, but it seems I can’t possibly change. My sister in law said it best to me “who do you write for?” And when I sit long and hard and contemplate this question I know the answer is surely: me. For me. I do this each and every day for me. For my sanity. For my creativity. And for my girls to look back on sometime, somehow long down the track, so they can truly understand me. So I can go back and better understand me. The readers along the way? The comments? The audience {ha ha}? They are just the cream on the top! And well, they just have to come along {or not} for the ride and make the journey all the more interesting.

This time in my life, right now, is the best, the happiest, the luckiest days I have had. Ever. My posts are only reflecting this, so please humour me while we go down this road won’t you? And I get it, I really do, things have changed, I have changed, but it’s for the better. Well I think so at least. And I can always send some new blogging material off to my husband and brother right?!


  1. I think a good blog will always change as the writer and their life does.

    Life ebbs and flows and our writing style and what we write about does as well, this is normal.

    This is why I don’t categorise my blog as a “certain type” of blog anymore – it is what is and the subject matter can swing from one thing to another and then yet another in hours.

    Write what feels right for right now – you will always lose readers but then gain others just as quick!


  2. I love it! And I’m so happy for you, all of you! xo

  3. Beth, in my experience, the minute I think about who I’m writing for and try to cater for them everything goes wrong.

    Write for yourself and people will read.

    What I have always loved about your blog (and you) is how authentic and honest you are. Don’t change that, it’s the essence of BabyMac.

    There are so many blogs that paint rainbows and lollypops when it’s really sucking while others bitch and moan when it’s really quite OK IRL.

    I have noticed the change, but I’m enjoying it. We’ve got to know you and so like the hero in our favourite movie we’re cheering you on.

    If no one else reads, I’ll still be writing my little comments. x

  4. I LOVE that it is YOU that you write for! a happy fulfilled mama HAS to do stuff that is just for her and not for anyone else- but thanks for putting it out there for us too! I- like Corinne- love your blog & will continue to read it!

  5. I love your posts.

    Rainbows and lollipops suit me just fine, but so does whatever you wish to write. And that’s because you write so well.

  6. You kick ass! Life is about happy, sad and working it all out.

    I will admit that on a bad day of my own it is sometimes depressing to read about something great going on with someone else, BUT most days it is a fantastic reminder that we all have our ups and downs.

    Keep being you and thanks for letting us tag along for the ride.

  7. Nothing wrong with posting about happy things if you are happy! I’ve never gotten the feeling that you’ve been ‘faking it’.

    Although please don’t ever stop telling us about the cake competitions, I love those!

  8. You’re right, your blog is all happiness and rainbows and gorgeous house and fun entertaining and new beginings. That’s not a bad thing. It’s lovely that when you write something great about your house or new surroundings you say “I know!”. I’m glad you know. Because I tell you what, if you were in this new dream home that we’d all love to live in, in such beautiful surroundings and all we were hearing was how bad you’ve got it – now that would be enough to stop me reading.

    Enjoy the bliss. Be happy while the sun shines on you. There will be times where the balance shifts again, and we’ll be reading then too. Happy days. Enjoy. x

  9. Oh, there’s still a little cynical sharp humour in your posts, Beth. Don’t worry about that!

    I never think about who I’m writing for… or at least I didn’t until the stage fright. But I’m back to ‘whatever’ now and I’m just writing what I want to write when I want to write and how I want to write. And if the gang likes it, yay. If they don’t, yay.

    We’re alright, you and I. x

  10. Yeah, what they said…

    Those of us who LOVE your blog love it because it is you. The fact that you, at this time, are blissfully happy? Well, that makes ME blissfully happy.

  11. Well, as a new reader, I’m just sayin’ that all that happiness shines through in every post, and it’s lovely.
    There isn’t nearly enough happiness in the world yet.

  12. Don’t go changing! Its lovely that you are in such a good phase of your life. I am a relatively new reader so don’t have much of your back story but am intrigued about your move to the country and all the changes that will come with it.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and it makes me so happy reading it…. it’s the 1st thing I do when I get into the office! Cannot wait to see you all this weekend and to see the dream house!

    PS- you could always pop out baby # 3 to shake things up a bit?!?! ha ha!


  14. As one of your newest followers, Beth, I’m just delighted to have found you. Just as you are. I haven’t trawled back through your archives to see where the story all started but I like where I have picked it up. J x

  15. Seriously Beth, I just think blog whatever you want… it’s your blog. I’m just happy that you let us ‘peek’ into whatever part of your life that you want ~ as weird as it is, I feel like I ‘know’ you {just a little} and if you are blogging happy-happy stuff right now, then good on you! You write such heartfelt stuff that I know if you are writing happy, then you are happy, and who could begrudge you that. Just for the record though, we all go through shitty times and I’m more that happy to be here for you when you write that all of your chest too. Jo x

  16. I like ALL your ‘stuff’ because it’s yours! Because of YOU regardless of the mood (??) of your posts! I started reading your blog in Feb of this year and I am as addicted then as I am now (maybe more so now?) Keep doing what you’re doing, writing; relatable, funny and entertaining ‘stuff’- you’re doing mighty fine xx

  17. Totally agree on the sentiment! I write primarily to express myself too.. Though tempered with the realisation that other people read it too…

    And it is great to feel so happy!

  18. well you’ve got enough comments on this post already and they’ve all probably said the same thing about how lovely it is that you are so happy. and the truest thing you said is “who are you writing for” your girls are going to love love love reading every little thing you’ve written. And I still like it too.

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