Hey Diddle Diddle

Take a look at what Harper got for her first Birthday from my Mum. The most delightful little quilt for her cot! Grandma Susies has made all the grand kids {and some not even her own} a quilt when they were born. Daisy still asks for hers when she sleeps on the couch, or is sick and needs a little comfort.

It has the sweetest little fabrics in it – some with French writing on them, some with little animals on them, and on the back? The sweetest little nursery rhyme panel.

Harper and Daisy are both smitten with it, as am I. It’s certainly sweet dreams for Harper. Thank you Mama you are very clever!


  1. THAT is gorgeous and so special! x

  2. Oh, it’s just so pretty! Lucky, lucky, lucky girl to have something so special made with so much love!

  3. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING – Grandma Susie – you are so clever!!! x

  4. I would like to publish an erratum, or corrigendum to be more accurate. If that’s what you call a clear and distinct correction of a known error.

    You state in today’s entry that “Grandma Susies has made ALL the grand kids {and some not even her own} a quilt when they were born.”

    This is in fact not true. The truth is that she only makes quilts for those grandkids which she loves.

    Signed, My Anonymous

    PS. I like your recent introspective reflections on your blog writing. They are overdue.

  5. Beautiful family heirloom!! Be careful as we had a lovely quilt made for Cappers who proceeded to vomit blueberry vom all over it… sadness!! x

  6. PS – Another comment from your brother there? Such a wit. x

  7. Mr Anonymous would like to issue his (her? Who am I?) own personal erratum.

    I’m duly informed by my wife (husband? Who could I be?) that Suzie Q has in fact delivered a quilt each to all her grandchildren.

    Apologies etc.

  8. Haha! ‘Anonymous’ got told! 😉

    Very sweet blanket! I want one too! x

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