Hail the sunshine

Late yesterday afternoon when the gals were having dinner the dark storm clouds finally lifted and in streamed the sunshine. Everything glittered as the sunshine dried off the raindrops. You could almost hear {and see} the grass grow much to Rob’s dismay…

This morning I need this sunshine. I need it to dry my washing that I have LOADS of to do. The towels and sheets and clothes from the weekend have been making me feel sick every time I walk into our bathroom {which also doubles as our laundry}. It’s almost 9am and I am onto my third load. I need the sunshine so the girls can get outside and rid themselves of some cabin fever. I need the outdoors so I don’t have to listen to the sound of kids screaming echoing through the house. Harper is currently suffering a case of baby roid rage. I suspect it has something to do with her 11th & 12th bottom molars coming through AND the fact that she so desperately wants to stand, but can’t, but she is a thousand shades of flipping CRAZY at the moment. I said to Rob last night it’s like she had been at a Melbourne Cup function all day on the crazy juice (aka Chardonnay) as she fluctuated from I love you so much Mama can I crawl back into your uterus? to You crazy, mean bitch you don’t let me do ANYTHING I hate you all in the space of 4.3 seconds. It was an exhausting day and boy did I need my gin & tonic at the end of the day.

So. If anyone needs me, I will be outside before the sunshine disappears again and we are left with showers for the remainder of the week.


  1. Soak it in!

    Felicity x

    PS This image is really lovely, thank you for taking the time to to snap it!

  2. Gorgeous photo.

    I love that sort of weather!


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