Green Books Campaign: Hernando’s Labyrinth

I got an email a few months ago asking if I wanted to participate in a global campaign to raise awareness/take into consideration the environment when purchasing books. Because I was clearly deranged from packing my house and thought I was indestructible and capable of everything and I kind of like books, I agreed. And as I have done before, I palmed off the duties to someone silly enough to agree to do so.

This silly someone is my 8 yr old nephew Zac. Say hi to Zac everyone!

I am completely bias because he is my first nephew ever, and my godson, and he loves to read and he reads my blog, but I just knew that he would be THE person for the job. So here goes Zac’s review…

This review is part of the Green Books campaign.Today 200 bloggers take a stand to support books printed in an eco-friendly manner by simultaneously publishing reviews of 200 books printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper. By turning a spotlight on books printed using eco- friendly paper, we hope to raise the awareness of book buyers and encourage everyone to take the environment into consideration when purchasing books.

The campaign is organized for the second time by Eco-Libris, a green company working to make reading more sustainable. We invite you to join the discussion on “green” books and support books printed in an eco-friendly manner! A full list of participating blogs and links to their reviews is available on Eco-Libris website.

Hernando’s Labyrinth
A review: By Zac 
8yrs old

I like the way when you finish you can start again and again so you don’t get bored. The story was very adventurous and fun. It took me to another world, I felt like I was there in the Jungle.
I give it an 8 out of ten. It is suitable for people who like animals and the jungle.


Awesome. Thanks SO much Zacy…congratulations on your first literary review!


  1. Northrop Frye’s seminal 1957 work on literary criticism talks about great critics providing comments grounded in the embracing of an ideology.

    This young “Zacy” has provided a wonderful example of the ideological need for people to “start again”. And again… Looking for different endings, in their own lives.

    He is clearly a genius. And I miss him.

    Mr Anonymous

  2. I hope I become famous and yes I do love books!!!

    Thanks for the compliment dad!


  3. Well done Zac! You and Mr Anonymous are very funny

  4. I think Zac did a great job on his first review. My Zac(k) loved Ranger in Danger as well (he reviewed Erik’s Enigma). We can’t wait to check out Hernando’s Labyrinth.

    Here’s our review:

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