Good Mornin’

Good Morning
Good Morning
We’ve slept the whole night through {a Macdonald variation}
Good Morning
Good Morning
To you

Just about every morning we sing this little Gene Kelly number to one of the kids. It’s very rare that they actually have “slept the whole night through” but we sing it anyway. Puts a little spring in my step.

This is us. In the morning. Post coffee cuddle in my chair. Do you like how my hair sticks up so? Hot isn’t it?

You know what else is giving me a little spring in my step this morning? A day off! My Mum {thanks Mama} is coming down to mind the gals for the afternoon while Rob and I, his best mate and his boyfriend frock up {well me at least} and head off to the local annual picnic race meeting. I am SO excited to put on a dress. And some new shoes. I even shaved my legs and painted my toes for the occasion! I plan on having a bet. Drinking some champagne. And feeling like a grown up child free adult having a cheeky Wednesday afternoon in the sun.

Giddy up!


  1. Oh have a fabulous time! You lucky duck! What a way to spend a Wednesday!

  2. Have a great time! So nice to get out and about and not have to chase after and attend to little ones every now and then.

  3. That is hot bed head hair! Wow what a brilliant day is in store for you. Sounds like heaven to me! (Yes full-time motherhood for 4.5 yrs means I don’t get out much!) πŸ™‚

  4. I hope you have the most wonderful time!!

  5. Wow – lovely {and damn, I’m so in love with your chair! tee hee, nearly wrote hair… I see where Harper gets it from!} x

  6. You sing that too? I do that with my daughter too! And it really does put a spring in your step hey… though I don’t sing it as often as I like as the sleeping all nite doesn’t happen as often as i like :-).

    Great blog.


  7. Hope you had a great day!

    LOVE the photos! Beautiful!xx

    No sleep through here very often!

  8. What gorgeous photos and we sing the exact same version of that Singing In the Rain Song too!

    Your day at the races sounded fun!

  9. I’ve been visiting and I love your place in the world. Tis so pretty. Mostly, I love your hair. It’s just like a muppet in the mornings. Defies gravity. Gorgeous. xx

  10. Just like mine (thought I better add that just in case you thought I was being mean). I just can relate.

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