Empty chairs. Empty tables.

The afternoon is getting cooler by the minute. The mists and fogs have been in and out all morning and the drizzly rain is starting to get a little heavier. It all certainly matches my mood perfectly. The last of our weekend guests have just left and quiet {except for the sound of a PlaySchool DVD} has descended on the house. And while it’s nice to be just us, I always feel a little sad and teary when a holiday, or good weekend is well and truly over.

What a weekend! We had my brother and his family {3 kids) and my Mum and step dad for the weekend. The weather was perfect and completely did not listen to the forecasts and did it’s own thing which suited us just fine. LOTS of sunshine, and for the first time since we have been here – some actual warmth! We sat and ate and drank and then ate some more. We went for walks to the pub, to visit the cows, ran in the garden, had picnics with fairies, the kids played, played and then played some more. It was GREAT fun. But exhausting! Last night I was in bed at 8.30pm and asleep by 8.31pm. The dishwasher has been on approx 3897 times and the house is in need of a clean, and I have a frighteningly  large pile of washing that needs to be done {with showers forecast all week…eeek!} but we are all SO glad and grateful for families and visitors and more precious memories being made in our home.

The next few days I will be washing and cleaning and catching my breath in anticipation for our next round of visitors on the weekend {my little sis & her fiance and some dear friends are coming down for 2 nights}. I think I am counting down the minutes till Thursday when Daisy is back at Preschool and I can have a few hours to myself {when Harper sleeps}. And where do I plan on spending those precious hours?

Why on my new chairs of course! My latest subscriptions of Inside Out, Belle & Real Living have just arrived and I am going to make sure that all my chores are done, a pot of tea is made, so I can sit here and just chill. Ahhhh….


  1. Ummmm, who needs Belle, Inside Out or Real Living when you’re actually LIVING those magazines in that gorgeous house.

    Went to Marketplace today and it asked me to tell you it missed you.

  2. Can I just say – whoever is taking care of your lawns is doing an extraordinary job. Do you get someone in to do that?

  3. I’m SO in love with your house.

  4. p.s. tears were shed between B and the roundabout in Bowral….you’re not alone feeling sad on this rainy afternoon…thankyou for a great weekend!!! X
    b.t.w. whoever comes into do your lawns is doing a great job(does he do pools???)

  5. I love adirondacks… where did you find these beauties?

    And I had a chuckle ‘cos I read your post wrong the first time around and I thought you were reporting that you slpelt from 8.30 until 8.31 and I thought “sounds like my place”… har! x

  6. I am loving your blog, so glad I discovered it a couple of weeks ago after some random clicking.

    Love those chairs, I’m getting myself some of those this summer from Big W of all places LOL

    I’d love to see more pics of your house.


  7. Great chairs! Great house! and yes, great lawns! xx.

  8. What an amazing garden! It looks oddly peaceful considering the whirl of activity described in your post!!

    Happy travels!!!

  9. Visiting from Maxabella loves. Cape cod chairs are my favourite. Lovely blog will visit again. Charmaine

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