Double trouble

Growing up I was lucky enough to go to a school that had boarders attend. Some of my best friends {still to this very day} were good, honest {ha} girls from the country and I was lucky enough to be able to spend time on their properties each and every holidays. I spent many a time at a Picnic race meeting, then Country Parties and ultimately B & S balls. I did unmentionable things in the back of utes, I had a penchant for fob chains and country boys, Bundaberg Rum and cowboys boots. Oh my stars…the best of times, the worst of times.

Yesterday we frocked up and did it all again, except this time with some gay fellas from the big smoke and 17 years experience under my belt {that and a lot more fat}. It seems not much has changed. I drank some champagne instead of cans of beer. I stood on the hill and actually watched the races and opposed to the being at the bar being the life of the party the entire time.

We lost money. We won a little money. We drank far too much. We got sunburned. We had fun. And today I had a hangover that was twice as big as it was all those years ago {and for drinking about a quarter of what I did then}. I still had to come home last night, put kids to bed, get up in the night for Harper and up again in the 5’s to drive back to the race course to pick up cars and then have a regular day with tired kids.

Times indeed have changed. And I know this much is true: I am too old for a mid week session. Good night Australia.

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