Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful

Not me. The wall decal.

A while back now Maxabella did a wee post on a little Etsy Store that she had stumbled across via someone else I think (?!) don’t you love the Internet? Anyway, at the time I was like “I have SO many walls to fill up and I like that. And that. And OH I really like that!” With the dollar doing that thang it’s doing right now I was at my laptop one night with 2 wines under my belt and before I knew it, I had given my credit card details and what do you know a few weeks later I got to go to the Post Office to pick up a package! It’s important to give yourself things to do when you are in the country – the trip was like a day trip for us all!

I am yet to contact school books which I gather are really stressful. Well, getting these bad boys up were 20 times more stressful. I think. Probably? Maybe not. I swore in front of the kids “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK it” really loudly. It’s okay, I know, I am a bad mother. But it was stressful. And you would have sworn too. Even with the handy instruction thingys that came with it.

Anyway. End result are 4 awesome decals that are {sort of} straight. The calendar that sits in the kitchen wall is my favourite – although on hindsight I would have put it up on the glass splash back so that any stray whiteboard marker could be wiped off. But hello? STYLISH. EASY. CHEAP{ish}. EXCELLENT QUALITY. LOVELY. No?

Because Daisy is the world’s tallest 3 yr old, she has the growth chart and Roberto has these stylish little birds out in Phil Collins {aka the St-st-studio}. I also very much like the text/type ones {similar to something I saw in this month’s Real Living magazine} and am thinking that may just be my next port of call. Just need to get a little tipsy first…

Go on. Off you go. If the world’s non craftiest {swearing and partial to a few white wines almost every night of the week} mother can do these, anyone can!


  1. Hey cool, I love that calendar! That’s really neat!

  2. I am going to be giggling every time I go out to my office now (for I shall be calling it Phil Collins in your honour.. that is a CLASSIC!)

    Love the calendar – do they give you numerals so you can change the years?

  3. lurve the calendar!

  4. They look brilliant! I am getting one of the calenders. Haven’t ordered it yet, but next buying day, I’m there.

    Love the Phil Collins. That is something we do around here as well. x

  5. Love it all! 🙂 Looks like the perfect way to pep you up after a flat patch xoxo

  6. I L~O~V~E the calendar and I’m repainting this summer, so I think one of those is in order!!


  7. That calendar looks fantastic!!

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