Country Style Pizza Run: A photo essay

My {occasional Thursday night} pizza run is a whole lot different to the wander down to Parramatta Rd stepping over broken glass bottles and dog poo. For one you don’t see many people. Plenty of cows, and huge amazing trees, but not a lot of people.

And the world’s greenest countryside. Dear GOD this place is pretty at the moment.

Instead of waiting for the lights to change, you may have to stop at a railway crossing.

And not a bad place to stop, wait and catch the very last of the sunshine for the day.

Oh and pizzas are delicious. That helps.


  1. I LIKE! I’ve heard there’s a good pizza place near you.


  2. not that I want to be a bore…is it safe to be snappin whilst drivin? lol. It looks gorge so worthy of…hows the serenity!!!!! Jealous

  3. I am trying to work out from the pics where you have relocated to. Nowhere I have been!

    Glad the pizzas are good. It is a great family ritual 🙂

  4. You’ll never look back, Beth. x

  5. With every post, I fall a little more in love with your life!!

    I’m curious as to where you’ve relocated to as well?

    As for the snapping while driving – safe, unsafe – meh LOL, I took nearly all of my photos from my recent trip to England while I was driving – I went alone, I wouldn’t have had any otherwise OR I would have been stopping every 5 minutes and never gotten anywhere! By the end of the holiday, I’d become a dab hand at it!!


  6. And there’s a rather delightful source of cheese just up the road if I’m not mistaken…

    And you know how you said everything looks delightful at this time of year? Hate to disappoint you but it looks gorgeous no matter what time of year!

  7. Oh lovely! I used to live in the country and just loved it. So very peaceful. I want to get back to the sticks.

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