B & B {Round 5}

Did you know that in the 5 weeks we have been in our house we have had 18 people stay here? A further 10 stop in for the day or a quick visit? Many beds slept in, many beds made.  Flowers picked and put next to beds. Many towels and sheets washed, the lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, garden weeded and more entertaining than we have done in the past 5 years…rolled into 5 short weeks. All while trying to settle into a new life…new schools…new routines…new travels into work.

Needless to say we are exhausted.

And absolutely delighted. By all of it. It has been so lovely to repay our families and host some events. Feed people, have them well looked after, fussed over even. See them delight in the house. The garden. The village. It has truly been a very busy, and very special time for our little family.

And this weekend? Was no exception. My sister and her fiance, one of her besties from London {and fellow bridesmaids} and her little sis arrived Friday night and stayed for the weekend. You will remember that Lucy & Chris are amazing entertainers so we thought it best to have some Prosecco in glasses on a silver tray awaiting their arrival after work. Rob even stood out in the driveway with said tray waiting for them! We had a lovely time….mostly indoors on Saturday and outdoors Sunday. We drove around and showed them some local delights, sat by the fire, chatted and chatted and chatted some more. Ate some fabulous food, drank champagne and wine, and tea and coffee and champagne and beer and then some more wine and had an all around lovely time.

If this place can be a haven for people to escape to for a weekend, a night, or just a lunch and get even just a smidgen of the feeling of the beauty, the relaxation, the pace of this town that we are lucky enough to experience all the time then I am a happy hostess. With the mostess {of course}.

And because I am obsessed with food in all it’s forms I just had to show you our dinner Saturday night. Some magnificent beef {standing rib roast} from our amazing local butcher, thick roasted chips, simple rocket salad and lots of Bearnaise sauce and red wine jus. Stop it. This is my kind of dinner. Heaven.

In fact, it was my kind of weekend all round.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Good food, wine, great company with the chatter of little ones as well.

  2. Not sure who I am more jealous of – you or your visitors!

  3. Um Yum! That’s my kinda dinner too!
    Perfect weekend!

  4. Hi Beth, I found you through Maxabella yesterday and I think I’m addicted to your blog already! You guys have done what I am longing to do (move to somewhere with space). Your house looks perfect. I’m looking forward to keeping up with all your adventures. Cheers, Hannah.

  5. You are my newest inspiring person around for food ideas. It’s the combination of your photos and description, using words like thick for chips, and butcher prior to beef, that has me all a flutter. Dejavu regarding visitors. When we moved to QLD we had a baby, and 13 weeks of visitors in the next 4 months. xx

  6. I hope you’ve got a ‘visitors’ book so that you can receive lots of five-star comments for your wonderful hospitality!

    x Felicity

  7. It does sound perfect! And that dinner looks fabulous, yum!

  8. Ooh, Beth, where to start? Hats off to you for such an extraordinary display of hospitality. Just astounding. Not to mention it’s all happened so close to your move. You are an inspiration.

    And as for the meal, that would rank up there with one of my favourites. Maybe you could share your bearnaise and red wine jus recipes with us? Gorgeous photos, too.

    And I totally concur with Felicity about using a guest book. We have one and it now contains so many precious reminders of dear friends who have spent time with us.

    So, I hope you’re going to have a ‘hospitality break’ now! J x

  9. That’s it, I’m coming for dinner! x

  10. Sounds wonderul.Chamaine

  11. Your move just keeps getting better! I am so glad that your friends and family get to enjoy your space with you. You certainly are the hostess with the mostess 🙂

  12. I’m very pleased Maxabella has introduced you to her readers! Yummy – more food ideas please!

  13. Love your blog! I’ve been visiting a little bit, but it’s official: I’m now a ‘follower’. Your change of live sounds like it’s probably now busier than it was before! Enjoy the peace and quiet before the next lot of visitors um, well… visit!

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