A wee preview

Harper got to open a few birthday presents from some family members on the weekend who won’t see her near her birthday. She was quite impressed with the whole process. The wrapping paper. The cards. The presents inside.

You can see that Daisy is not so much impressed. Don’t panic, she hasn’t turned to the drink…yet.

If I get to see this over and over again? Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


  1. What a dear little soul! Happy Birthday for tomorrow Harper xxx

  2. Oh look at the excitement in her eyes! Delightful!

    Poor old Daise, Lil was the same on Lucy’s birthday. Not happy at all. The day before was the worst, she kept saying ‘It’s not fair!’.


  3. can I eat her up? now? how about now? can I? please?

    (post script: WHY DOES DAISY APPEAR TO BE 12 YEARS OLD?!)

  4. Happry Birthday for tomorrow gorgeous Harper!

  5. after months of listening to Jo from jely baby talk about your blog, i finally found the time to sit and read it…. i’m hooked. i love this space, i am looking forwrad to reading more of your adventures. and i love your new house, you’ve inspired me to think outside the square a little…

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