This is NOT OK

This morning, like every morning around here, the gals piled into bed with us to have some milk and have a natter with us before we started the day. It is COLD here still so the bed is a good option believe me. And we were looking at Harper smiling, admiring her cheeky grin and giggles as she threw herself back onto the bed over and over and over again. I said to Rob “I can’t believe she will be 1 in 2 weeks” and he promptly said “make that one week.”


Besides the fact that I haven’t thought about a  cake yet {and as you know cakes are a BIG deal around here} nor what we are going to give her, or what we will do on the actual day {looks like it will just be the 4 of us here at home} this means that she will no longer be a baby. A toddler.


I just had a look through the month of October and reminisced about what I was doing a year ago. My how things change in a year. Time indeed, is quite the tricky beast. As I talked about yesterday, it works with you, it works against you.

If anyone needs me I will be sobbing in the corner trying to convince myself that another baby is *just * the thing we need….


  1. I know how you feel! I have been having fits all week, looking at my little girl and wondering how on earth it’s possible that she’s going to be 4 in a few days time.
    Four! Where did my little baby go and who is this lanky kid?

    Look at gorgeous Harper! What a little gorgeous bundle! x

  2. Oh, another baby is just what you need!! x

  3. Sincere mummy-condolences to you! I too feel the same about my girl. It’s a shock to turn around one day and realise they’re having their first birthday. And now, I have a 4yo! I blinked and missed it.

  4. Yes, I know exactly what you’re saying. Sometimes my 13-month-old looks so teeny … but mostly I look at her and think, wow. getting so big!

  5. The days are long but the years are short. She is a gorgeous, almost toddler! My babies are going on two (and there will be NO MORE for me) – you want them to grow butyou want them to stop. Enjoy the preparations for her birthday!

  6. Oh my! No way! I still remember your announcement post!

  7. Hi! Just caught up with your week!

    Back online, our move has happened also. All great.

    Harper looks great….

    House looks great….

    Enjoy! xx.

  8. Umm… I can’t believed no one has commented on Harper, shy of one, and doing the SPLITS! Holy guacamole! Super Baby!

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