This here, is how lunch is done

Yesterday my little sis and brother in law {to be} hosted a birthday lunch for my sister in law and nephew and I suppose the grand final that was on too. Oh my lord {as Daisy so often says these days} was it good. It was good. And they went ALL out. I guess that what happens when you are a chef.

I mean they had a menu board.

And let’s not even go into what was on that menu and just how tasty it was. Pork belly starter you say? Um OK. And the Master Chef snow egg for dessert? Um. Why not!

It was amazing. Fanciest home cooked anything I have ever had. How lucky are we that we get to have this at a family lunch on a Sunday afternoon?

Let me answer that for you: very.


  1. I want your life – fancy house in the country, relatives who are chefs, gorgeous farm to visit for a holiday – yes, I want your life. xx

  2. lucky, lucky you!

    i love how you photograph everything so beautifully, it feels like I was there {except less a few calories}; gorgeous!

  3. 1. Can I get an invite next time?
    2. And yes….that is how lunch should be done!

    Loved this…the photos made my stomach growl!!!!

  4. I saw you there! Thanks for the present!


  5. Jealous? Who? Me?

  6. Yummmy.

  7. Wow. I can’t begin to imagine how much time (and washing up) went into producing that. Impressive…

  8. Good lord!

  9. Wow! Fancy, fancy! That all looks amazing.

  10. Oh AH!!! And why wasn’t I invited? 🙂
    It looked fabulous! Lucky you, yes VERY!!

  11. just found your blog and I want to be invited over next time, that looked amazing!

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