A roadtest. A review. A giveaway.

A few months ago now I was approached by Real Nappies to road test their cloth nappies. I think at the time I replied “Um, I don’t think I am your demographic, I have never used a cloth nappy, and don’t think I intend on doing so. But thanks, it always is good for the ego to be “approached” about anything other than food or drink for some small person {or taller husbandly kind} around here”. But then they came back with me with a “Yes, you are perfect! Go on, give it a try”. And because I am a sucker, and like to be told I am perfect {remember this?} I thought “why not throw that into the mix with the whole selling our house, packing it up and relocating to the country? Go on. Send them my way!”

And then I got all weird about blogs doing reviews and how it’s not really something I want to do on this blog, because I know that you come on here to read about me, or the kids, or look at photos or just bitch about how annoying I am or something and not read about how great freaking Cottees cordial is, I started to panic about the whole thing. But I said that I would, and I am a woman of my word, so bear with me. And if this is SO not your thing, I promise to have an extra special photo of my house tomorrow to make up for all of this. Okay?

So. Then life got in the way, as it does when you are dramatically changing almost every aspect of it and when I tried to put aside a week to give them a red hot go, things happened and they were left on my dining room table, making me feel guilty and sick about the whole thing day after day. But then! I had some girlfriends over for morning tea and one of them…let’s call her Lou {because that is what her name is} has a little lady almost the same age as Harper and I plied her with cake and tea and then convinced her that SHE should do the review. Because it would be fun! And help me out! And she gets to keep them! And stuff! And because she is clearly mad, she agreed. Which was awesome because it took it off my dining table, passed the pressure onto her, and made me feel better about doing a review because it wasn’t me doing the review, which made it OK. It makes it OK RIGHT?! Plus, Lou is awesome and would tell it like it is, without any bullshit, and she has 2 kids under 2 or something equally as careless as that, so she knows her stuff when it comes to babies. And nappies. And stuff. So, she was sent off with a Intro pack. A DVD. And a sense of adventure.

Here’s what she had to say about them…I like the bit where she says between you and me {ha….and all of YOU}

Absolultely NO LEAKAGE with giant-mega-mania poos or wees ! 
FANTASTIC info DVD .. makes it all VERY VERY CLEAR
Very comfortable and they look SOOOOOOO CUTE in them 
The little nappy liner  (like chux wipes that are like pads) are supposed to “contain the poo” so you don’t need to clean the cloth nappy ….. ummm YEAH right … it ALL needs to be cleaned 
They should LABEL on the stuff – CLEARLY that all the cloth nappies need to be washed several times prior to using them the first time (i did… but it seems just a little pointer on the DVD)… needs to be more clearly written on the packaging
The BRIGHT RED nappy….. ummm… supposed to be washed in HOT WATER…. risk of COLOURS running???? so i ALWAYS WASHED IT ON ITS OWN!!!! which is another bloody load!!!!   so suggestion for colour less likely to RUN??? ( i don’t know???) 
I guess between you and me.. the issues i have are generally about washable nappies … it really takes TIME …. i changed her SUPER DUPER frequently because i was paranoid of getting nappy rash – i guess with disposable nappies i will leave a wee soaked one on her for 4-5 hours and not feel bad at all… but didn’t want to do that with these ones …. so it kinda upped my washing load….

ALso… the nappies fit snuggly around their bellies and legs because of the tags – they have velcro on the top and bottom so the tags can OVERLAP…. so you can make the nappy super tight (for chloe who is kinda skinny and has skinny thighs) or just attach it normally for a normal kinda chubby baby.

I think she covers of all aspects quite well? PLUS she made sure that every time she went to Mothers Group with Chloe she was wearing them so she could throw in “Oh Yes, I use cloth nappies now too. Yes, that’s right, in between all this chaos, I do that as well!” And throw her head back, shake her hair and laugh. So there’s that. The kudos factor. And the environment too I suppose…

So. There is one of these packs to give away to YOU. If you are interested, and as pay off for reading this far down. Here are the finer details {and the bits that make me anxious and a little nauseaous about the whole exercise:

1. Go to the website to work out what colour size would suit your babe
2. Join their mailing list (I went through their website over and over and OVER again and I can’t for the LIFE of me find this so let’s just say you did this!)
2. Leave me a comment with said details above
3. Go onto Facebook and LIKE them

Competition ends Sunday {24th October} night 8pm (AEDST) so make sure you leave your comment in by then.

I know. I KNOW. so much to do, but I guess it’s free so if you are keen…off you go!

Normal transmission to return tomorrow. Promise.


  1. You’ve changed. I used to love the fact that in a world of constant commercialism, a barrage of media messages and what seems like a stream (nigh, river) of capitalistic consciousness that you were different. But alas, no.

    I am leaving your blog forever.

    If you need me, you will find me discussing “real” issues on the ABC 702 Listeners Forum.

  2. Anonymous was a bit harsh!!!

    I know how you feel about the review and giveaway business. I just say no. They can’t buy my humble opinion for a bar of chocolate or a box of Kleenex.

    Don’t worry about it, Beth. Your preamble to your post says more than the review. You did it because you said you would and I love a woman of her word!! x

  3. Brilliant! Just what I need, I started Stella in cloth nappys at the beginning of this year aged 8 months and haven’t looked back. As a stay-at-home-mum I do have the luxury of time for the washing and hanging out and I love the fact that every nappy I put into the nappy bucket is money saved, not money spent! BUT she is growing out of the medium sizes and so she would need the GREEN toddler size. I have liked the Facebook page too.

    (PS what Maxabella said, I love that you are a woman of your word!)

  4. Gee anonymous!
    She had a funny paragraph at the front and explained it all, if that’s how you feel perhaps you should leave 🙂

    What a good looking nappy, i would love a green toddler size! 🙂

  5. I can’t quite believe anyone would complain about you having a giveaway (!!) – what’s not to love?!! Instead I say thank you for giving someone the opportunity to win what look like great nappies. I am a cloth nappy aficionado, I’ve used them on both my kids. The only time I *don’t* use them is when the bub is at daycare. I would be very pleased to try these nappies out – I’d choose crawler size, any colour is fine. And I have done the Facebook biz…

  6. Hi Beth
    I am moved to comment. I found your blog through Corinne’s and have loved reading your funny, thoughful and inspiring posts. I have two daughters – toddler and baby – a former inner westie now living in London. I have found your situations and comments often hit very close to home.
    I think that it is quite obvious why Anonymous remains so. Your give away is great – an ethical one and one I would love to enter, though I figure they won’t send it to me in London.
    Keep doing what you are doing, I hope this rude comment hasn’t gotten you down.
    Love the new house by the way – a fantasy I can only dream of in cold wet London.
    Sarah x

  7. The red nappy should stop running after the first 5 or so individual washes- I have several bright red ones and they don’t run anymore, even if I wash them with white ones (which is like tempting fate, I know).

    I don’t know what I have to do to enter the comp- I’m confused.. so either count me in or not (I’m drowning in cloth!) 😛

  8. Hi Beth,
    Long time reader, first time commenting. Love love love to read your blog. You are so honest and funny and I am in love with your house, what a beauty.

    I would love to win the giveaway. Toddler in Turquoise would be the one and I have liked on FB as well.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.


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