Point & Shoot

Sunday 10th October 2010

: old book favourites
: old bedtime routines
: new bedroom
: and some fresh flowers from the garden next to her bed
: sweet dreams indeed


  1. How could you not have the sweetest of dreams in such a beautiful bedroom. And those forget-me-nots look DIVINE!

  2. Bless!!! How utterly adorable. All of it! Welcome home Daisy xx

  3. Got a spare room for me too? That looks like such a lovely room. Enjoy Daisy! LOVE your new home.

  4. It looks so cozy. can you come and do my bedroom 😛

  5. Geez, you didn’t muck around getting unpacked and sorted, did you!! Gorgeous bedroom and the wildflowers are the perfect welcome. x

  6. Oh my, that is a little piece of heaven! That is the bedroom all little girls (and some big girls) dream about. xx

  7. Gorgeous room!! What a sweetie!

  8. Gorjous room.

  9. What a sweet set of shots! We have that IKEA light too 🙂

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