Marriage made in heaven

With each day that passes we are getting this BIG house turned more and more into our space. Our home. I only have 2 more boxes that need to be unpacked {sure let’s not talk about the several dozen that are in the garage!} but that’s what having storage is when you have never had storage right? It is going to be a loooong process finding all the right bits and making sure that we don’t rush into buying the first things we see because we I want it RIGHT NOW. But there is SPACE. Empty space. And it’s quite marvellous. I must say I feel like a Playboy bunny {OK maybe it’s just me who watches those bad reality shows} who buys a hugely expensive house and then lives in it empty because they can’t afford any new furniture and they live in with a plastic outdoor setting in the lounge room. Well it’ not quite us, but we do have space. And all the stuff we have bought over the years was for terrace living and not big country house living.

We now have an area dedicated to the kids play stuff. This is REVOLUTIONARY. I used to spend all our time in a space perhaps 2 metres by 2 metres {maybe 3 or 4 at a stretch} and the toys were everywhere all the time. The kids would never play in their rooms, only in this small space that also had to be the TV and living space for Rob and I. As a consequence I would spend my time frantically cleaning up said space so I could feel like I had some space for me. A fruitless exercise which drove Rob and the kids crazy, and left me a little frazzled and exhausted. I know kids make mess, but in a small space, I like to keep it contained. It’s the inner Virgo {I think I am on the cusp} in me that comes out I think?

But now? S  P  A  C  E. The toys are left all over this space all day, and then at the end of the day, we clean up. Once. Revolutionary I tell you. How lucky am I? We have the old Ikea Expedit bookcase to the right and I have used the bottom half for the kids toys that they can reach and pull out. Eventually we will move our current {shitty $600 Fantastic furniture} couch to this corner too to make it a space for me to sit while they play {what is it with kids needing you to watch them play?}. And I think I will need some more storage solutions {ha ha} for all that ‘stuff’ in the corner that will no doubt breed over time. And the Ikea rug that used to be in Harper’s room sort of kind of works but is too small for the space so we may need to work on that too. Hopefully when the kids get older, we can reclaim this space for us again….maybe?

It’s a start at least.

I studied graphic design at University {bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at UTS Design & Architecture faculty nonetheless} and always fancied the Industrial Design side of things. The student boys were HOT {there was one in particular that I recall….hmmm…} and I loved learning about functionality of ‘things’ combined with aesthetic. It was a whole new world opened up to this private school girl, who probably thought that Industrial Design was the building of factories or something.

I have always liked modern design {as in 50’s onwards} and when Rob and I met we discovered a mutual love for that design & architecture. His business partner shares the same love {Hi Dave I know you read this *waves*} and I know that’s why they work so well together. Dave and Rob got me onto Ray & Charles Eames {who I am ashamed to say thought were brothers when they were in fact husband & wife! Thank you Wikipedia} and their beautiful design of furniture. And then too Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and some of their magnificent designs.

As we can’t afford originals we have over time had a few things on our wish lists. The replica furniture places do such good {and cheap replications} that it now makes it possible for people like us to have some of their work in our house. I know it’s not the same, and is like a cheap knock off handbag, but hey, it’s a start.

Take a look at the Arco lamp. Breathe in that beauty….

You can see the Eames chair underneath that {thank you Dave for buying this for us all those years ago now we love love love love it}. And my painted brick white walls? LOVE them.

You can see my love of colour too throughout the room. I need colour. It helps me. And see those dining chairs? $75 each from Replica Furniture. Now that’s what I call my kind of style…cheap AND pretty.

We will need to eventually get a new dining table (this little narrow one was perfect for pushing against the wall in the terrace) but with all these visitors we will be having we will need a table that sits 8 comfortably just for practical reasons. I have visions that I will find ‘the’ one in an old shed for $100. A gal can dream right?

And while this style most certainly will not be every one’s cup of tea, and we could have made the space a chintzy country wet dream, that’s not us. We will mix in a few bits here and there sure, but the focus will be on good design. Colour. And maintaining the space. And light.

Slowly. Slowly.


  1. Love the looks of your place makes me wish even more we had more space in our unit.

    Maybe one day we might get a chance to own our own place.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. What a warm, inviting, happy space.
    I love the glimpse of yard outside the window.

    Here’s to feathering your nest just the way ‘you’ like it.

    x Felicity

  3. oh, it’s a breathtaking space. and those floors are gorgeous. You’re doing a fabulous job, and your vision sounds perfect for it.

  4. I LOVE your space! Gorgeous!

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