Mama Susie, my hero

My Mum literally saved us these past 2 weeks. She took us into her house {all 4 of us} and fed us, watered us, played with the kids, minded the baby, went shopping with me, let us sleep under her roof, helped Harper crawl, chatted with Rob and I, helped us unpack boxes, choose locations for new things, rubbed my back when I was stressed out and cranky and laughed with us.

Not a day goes by when I am not grateful that I have my Mum around. I have friends who have lost their Mum’s far too early from the dreaded cancer, so I know just how lucky I am to have mine in my life.  My Mum is a pretty good one too, as far as Mum’s go. She is funny. And silly. And an amazing entertainer. She gives so much, to so many people, every single day and has taught me everything I know about loving people. Fully. Believing in myself. Being honest & truthful. About being a good wife and partner, and most of all about being a mother.

These past 2 weeks has seen quite the love affair start up between Harper and Mum. They adore each other. ADORE. It is so beautiful to see. Harper looks for her across a room, and gives her a knowing, cheeky smile. I have no doubts that she is crawling because of Mum’s encouragement and support. And quite possibly just because she wanted to get to her on the other side of the room! And I know that right now, even though there is so much excitement around us, that Harper is missing her Mama Susie. Me too. And Daisy three.

Thanks Mum. For everything. And for these past 2 weeks. I promise to repay you with as many nights here as you can handle…which we all hope is plenty.

Harper especially.


  1. Aren’t mums the BEST!

    My mum saved me yesterday and I think will save me today.

    We are very lucky ladies to have our mums in our lives and our girls are lucky to have fab grandmothers.


  2. What a great mum, and a great daughter for so eloquently expressing her thanks.

    Seriously, where would we be without them? You never stop being a parent, ever. And it’s fascinating to see that having our own children brings us full circle with our own parents. There is not enough gratitude in the world to express the way I feel towards my own. x

  3. Mums rock. Sometimes I forget how lucky I really am. My parents are great people. I hope Abi thinks of me like that one day too

    Yours sounds pretty great too 😉


  4. You are one very, very lucky soul. I was robbed of my mother by mental illness. She has been in my life but not “in it” if you know what I mean.

    Can’t half tell the family likeness between Harper and your mum either, hey! Simply adorable photos.

  5. What a lovely post and what a beautiful mother you have. I lost my mom to cancer 17 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her to pieces.

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