Home sweet home

This morning I could almost not even get out of bed for the pain in my back, and almost every muscle all over. I am exhausted. It was a huuuuge weekend, full of unpacking and emptying boxes, choosing cupboards, getting beds made up, entertaining kids & grandparents, cleaning, washing…you name it, we did it. I tried to get as much done while there were adults around happy to play with the kids, and Rob and I just kept going…and going…and going. I even turned around at 2.30pm yesterday afternoon and went into the ‘big’ town for an even ‘bigger’ shop. It was one of ‘those’ shops that you need to do when everything you used to have in your fridge was thrown out. Large. Expensive. Heavy. Exhausting. But, we did it, unpacked it and again now I am happy that the cupboards and fridge are filled as I have a ridiculous fear that we will run out of something…and then not be able to get it. Strange I know.

And the result? Well mostly all the rooms have been unpacked and now resemble a home. Sure, an empty home that needs many new bits & pieces to fill up ALL THIS SPACE, but a home. Our home. Oh boy is it going to be fun finding all the bookcases, tables, chairs, couches we are going to need. Expensive sure, but fun. We might just get there in the next 5 years!

Rob and I keep looking around in bewilderment. How is this ours? The kids are off in all corners of the house exploring and playing in their rooms! and we can almost not see each other for 10 mins at a time. CRAZY!

It was so nice to have people stay on the weekend, I think it’s going to be a very easy house to have people stay at, there is certainly space for that. And there are certainly going to be enough visitors ready to come down. This weekend we have the place to ourselves and then the following 3…visitors galore!

Rob went off to work this morning – up to the Big smoke – and I have spent my morning attempting to get through mountains of washing, and all of a sudden it just feels like a normal Monday morning at home. Whiny kids and all. Some things never change…


  1. Congrats Beth!

    The house looks like a home already.

    The exhaustion will pass. Then it will be you and the girls, to frolick in the garden and explore the little towns.

    Enjoy xx

  2. Well done, Beth. I understand the irrational fear that you’ll run out of something, but you’ll get better at the necessary planning. You won’t look back. Is Rob commuting all the way to Sydney? That’s commitment!! x

  3. yay. I love buying furniture. I can see an awesome cube bookcase in that living room. I want your country house, I love it

  4. So love the house, it looks gorgeous and I WANT that kitchen!!

  5. Huge congrats Beth. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Can’t wait to come and visit. Lots of love xxx

  6. Oh dear I think I’m going to have to strike you off my blog roll as I can’t bear to keep seeing these adorable pictures of home I’d love to be living in myself!!! Still insanely jealous over here……but so very happy for you! 🙂 It looks so warm and homely already. xo

  7. It’s looking so good! I’ve been wondering how you guys had worked out the financial side of being there – it’s quite a commute!

  8. Sigh…

  9. And swoon…

    Let’s not forget the swoon!


  10. That house. Those windows. The garden. The kitchen. I LOVE it! You are one lucky lady. Congratulations on your beautiful new home. It’s gorgeous. x

  11. It’s beautiful! Well done you guys.

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