Doing the limbo rock

Yesterday was a strange kind of day. Daisy woke waaay to early, not ready to really start the day, so, she was in a bad mood. She woke her sister who was also not quite ready to start the day, and I was most certainly not ready to start the day when we all did. You know that kind of cranky “I’m just not ready for things to be like this” feeling you get on these mornings? Well it stayed with me all day. I’m just not wanting things to be like this. Right now.

I always knew that the Tuesday and Wednesday of this week would be the trickiest part of this whole move. The adrenalin of the move out would have passed. The initial excitement and fun of being out of home and staying with family would have worn off. My need for some more “stuff” than what I stuffed into a bag a week ago. More stuff for the kids to play with. The fact that we are *almost* there and yet still, not quite. It’s limbo land.

I can’t believe that I took that photo above at the end of our {old} street only a week ago. It seems like months ago now. Time has a funny way of playing tricks on you doesn’t it? It speeds away, it slows down. Sure enough in just 3 more days we will be in our house. Sleeping back in our beds and it will seem like we have been there forever I’m sure.

In the meantime I have some washing and {re} packing to do. Some organising. Some time off from Daisy for the last time in many, many months {she has her 2 last days at daycare today and tomorrow someone hold me} some time to spend with my Mum and my crazy little {almost} one year old who is crawling around like a crazy thing babbling away, loving her new found freedom and chomping down on anything and everything she can find as she has just cut her 9th(!) tooth. Oh yes, I am going to be busy enough…


  1. Today Abigail was the same. She woke before 7am and we’ve been up ever since. I am a walking zombie 🙁

    Limbo land is almost over hun. More toys would have just meant more mess and more cleaning up to do. Hang in there 🙂

    Go Harper, moving babies are fun!

    I’m weaning Abigail off her dummy this week and it isn’t going very well at all. It’s as if I’m weaning her off crack ice or something. JUST GO TO SLEEP BABY!!!


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