She did it. Backpack on. Lunch boxes packed. Dropped off. Kiss given. Off she went to big Pre School. The start of another chapter begins. I couldn’t be prouder of the little thing. Look at her!

Afterwards Harper and I went and had coffee with one of the Dad’s {who happens to be a neighbour as well} for some more hints and tips of the neighbourhood. How lucky are we? Let me answer that for you: VERY.

Let’s hope the shine lasts at least until tomorrow and for a few more weeks at least. The school is very sweet and I know at least 2 other girls in her class that will be going to the same Primary School as her. Phew.

Now! At last! Some peace and quiet…for a few hours at least.


  1. Go Daisy!

    She looks excited and calm 🙂


  2. Oh, Beth, Daisy is just adorable. You will treasure those photos when she’s so fresh and full of promise. And your wisteria is absolutely jaw-droppingly pretty. You lucky ducks. J x

  3. I love that girl! So proud of her! The first of many many many yearly first day of school pics! Look at that new tradition!

  4. Oh, my, GORGEOUS! Bless her sweet little school socks x

  5. She looks as proud as punch of herself. You must be too. Gorgeous. 😉 xx

  6. She looks so excited! I hope the transition has been good and she enjoyed her first day, its a big milestone.

  7. Just catching up after a few days away. What a gorgeous grown-up girl. Oh – and Daisy is so gorgeous and grown-up too! xxx

  8. Precious! Before you know it, it will be Harper’s turn. Eeeeek!

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