And then THAT happened

Before I begin this morning I just wanted to write a little note about a comment on my blog yesterday from Anonymous. When I read it, I instantly laughed out loud. And I instantly knew who it was. My big brother {who claims he doesn’t read my blog}. Being a smart arse, doing what big brothers always do best {regardless of if they are a big wig GM at an Investment Bank sitting at his desk giggling to himself or the 6 year old boy he used to be: stirring his little sister. I sent him an email to work straight away saying “Tell me this is you?!” And I think he was a little disappointed that he got caught out so quickly. Others thought it could have been my long suffering husband. It appears, I am surrounded by comedians. Who love to pick on me.

But the exercise did two things for me on a Wednesday morning. 1. It reminded me of just why I love my brother so. He is a dick. Sure an important dick, but a funny one who never fails to make me laugh. And because I know he reads this {even though of course he should be doing something far more important at work} I will say. I love you Sam. So much. You dick. And 2. I felt humbled that you all came to my rescue to hold me up from afar. You all rock. And I just had to let you know as I didn’t want you to feel like you had to get defending me. I promise to give him a dead arm next time I see him.

Oh and I have no doubts, from the joy he got from the whole exercise, that there will be more comments from Mr Anonymous sometime soon. Greash!

OK…normal post follows…

I have had many an unhealthy fear in this move down here, about things such as :

: meeting no people
: leaving all our friends behind who forget about us. Forever
: being stuck at home with the 2 kids for 5 days a week with no break
: no time to myself. At all.
: no Grandmothers or family around to come look after the girls so Rob and I actually have a conversation’
: maintaining the house & garden

And so on and so forth. Just fears. Based on no reality, or fact, just my 3am imagination that took hold of me every single night before we moved, and most nights since. BUT. The biggest one? The biggest of all?

: finding a Preschool for Daisy
: not getting into a Preschool for Daisy
: being stuck at home with daisy ALL THE TIME both of us getting frustrated and cranky and resorting to the TV more often than not because it’s just easier
: Daisy not wanting to start a new school
: Daisy not fitting in. Not making friends.
: starting a whole new hell of drop offs and her hating it, and me forcing her

And GAH! It makes my head spin. I have friends that are TOTALLY into finding “THE” preschool. With the best curriculum. With the best facilities. And best everything. They go on waiting lists. They rise 3 or 4 waiting lists out because they can…just waiting until THEY decide what is best for their kids. I am not this person. At all. Mostly because I am not organised. Yes, that’s right, I haven’t put the girl’s names down at a Private High School yet. I know! Shock! HORROR! I am happy with whatever. Wherever. If they have space. And if it is OK {I do have some standards}.

Anyway. The other afternoon Rob met one of our neighbours up the back who had a little lady the same age as Daisy. And she mentioned where she went to Preschool. And that it was really good. And that she was then going to go to the same local Primary School as Daisy in the same year! All exciting. So I called the Preschool, and spoke to the woman about enrolments for next year etc etc. I came away from the call thinking…next year…next year…as in January, someone hold me now. But. Today we stopped by the school and met the woman running it who was LOVELY. So kind and lovely. She looked a little like my Mum and Harper even put her hands out to her for a cuddle {good judge of character she is}. And we met some kids. Played in the room. AND….she can start for 2 days a week….NEXT WEEK. I know! I know! I was amazed. Mostly at Daisy and how cool, calm and collected she was about it all. “So this will be my new school?” was about all I got from her, whilst I was feeling sick inside about the whole thing. Making sure she didn’t freak out, or not like it, or get a bad first impression. Or something.

So. Thursday next week I take Daisy off to “proper” KU Preschool for 2 days. With a lunchbox packed with little lunch and big lunch. She could even have started today, except I was NOT ready for that. At all. I can hardly believe that it is happening next week as it is. The kids are sweet. The teachers lovely and kind and will look after her. The facilities are great – a HUGE grassy playground and lovely little classroom. I am nervous already about it all and it’s a week away. What to pack in her lunch? Will she be OK? WILL SHE BE OK?! More to the point will I be OK?

Oh it’s ALL happening around here.

I guess there are a few fears crossed off that list though. And that’s a great thing. Phew.


  1. Oh Happy Days. I love it when good stuff like that happens. Not too sound like too much of a dick, but sounds like that’s OK with you anyway :), everything happens for a reason.

    I really admire the move you’ve made. One day, although not the same town, we might just join you in leaving the ratrace and going somewhere beautiful like you have done. xx

  2. Ha ha! Yes, I was one who thought it was Rob!

    Yay for you. It all sounds like it’s falling into place. I’m the same as you when it comes to all the school stuff, people are horrified I haven’t booked the girls into private high school ‘what if you don’t get in?’. Ummm the local school will be just fine!

    Lil is off to the local community preschool next year, you know the old school type. No hot housing, just a lovely teacher and lovely little play area.

    Have a fun playdate! x

  3. So glad that worked out well – and so quickly!
    Love your brothers comment – I never saw it so went back to read it. I’m tipping the use of “nigh” and “alas” was perhaps a giveaway. Not usually the words of a pissed off housewife. xx

  4. Ahh – feel a little silly now. That’s not unusual though – pleased it was a joke.
    Sentiments are still the same though, great blog!

  5. omg. i can so relate {as usual!}… Angus had his first day of pre-prep-program last Friday, and I was up until 10pm the night before just packing his backpak, his lunch, his snack, his lunch into said backbak, and generally making sure everything was perfect. Who is the one freaking out in this scenario?… yep, certainly not him 😀

    Enjoy pre-school, I am so pleased that everything is falling into place. Jo x

  6. That is great news. I am sure she will have a blast and it will be a great fit. A recommendation is worth a thousand years on a waiting list at a school you’ve *heard* might be okay, I reckon.

  7. fabulous fabulous fabulous! This is going to make EVERYTHING better! Moms to meet, friends for Daisy, time alone with the babe, this is fantastic!


  8. That was some big words from Sammy …he must be moving up in the world I promise to give him a dead arm next time I see him too xoxox Simmy

  9. How fabulous!!!!!

  10. That is fantastic!

    I’m pretty sure most things are going to fall into place for you all! xx.

  11. Brilliant! Too easy. I suspect everything is easier in the country. And you can officially dump the ‘Private School’ business – that’s definitely a city folk mentality, even though I know there are loads of great private schools near your new place. Private, Public, Home, WHATEVER. It’s not a big deal, it really isn’t. God help us if our children are defined by their education. x

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