Things {I am looking forward} to this Friday

: This house. Getting into this house. Filling it with our stuff and making it our home. Yes, I cannot wait for that.

: Walking through this front door and feeling like we are home. I mean LOOK AT THIS FRONT DOOR. It’s bigger than the entire front part of our current terrace and it’s just the entrance way. I can’t wait to see the girls boots to one side, our pots, our dogs lead hanging down, all our ‘bits’ and walking through this door thousands of times through many, many years to come. Um, yes I am bubbling with anticipation over this door.

: Discovering new bits of furniture to fit into our new house. Searching antique shops, scouring through old sheds for bits that will be perfect for a certain corner, or room in the new house.

: Decorating the new place. Readjusting our current stuff and creating new spaces for all of us. Bedrooms, play rooms, lounge rooms. All of it…a fresh start and new beginning!

: Fresh flowers. Spring time means flowers. Freesias. Wisteria. Jasmine and then a little later in the season my all time favourite – peonies. And in our new little town I hope by the time we get down there we get to see a little of the spring bulbs in action…tulips, grape hyacinth, bluebells…
: Hanging clothes on my clothes line in the new backyard. I know it’s pathetic, but out of all the things in my fancy new house that I am looking forward to most, the hills hoist is right up there was one of the highlights. What can I say? I love a good wash.

: Getting my hands dirty. Getting stuck into the garden, getting a vegetable garden up and running, chooks in a little house and all of this fresh produce into our kitchen. I have such hopes that we can get this all up and running, and while I think it will be next summer and not this one, this is one thing I am really excited about. Being outside, all day, the girls running around and helping me work in our garden. Bliss.

: There is SO much to look forward to, such an adventure *just* about to begin. And I *just* about can’t wait.


  1. I have just four words for you…

    Play room? I’m jealous!

  2. It looks like a lovely house!

  3. I just DIE every time I look at this house. DIE! You totally deserve to live in a house so fabulous and beautiful. Wee little boots along the hallway – and oh, I hear you on the Hills Hoist – they are the angel’s work!

  4. such a beautiful house and such a beautiful vision… can’t wait to watch you turning this into your reality.

    Now, I must ask… where did you get that image of the vegetable garden? the first one, with the big fence around it. I want!

  5. Congrats on selling the house. And the new place is absolutely (!!!) gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures and soak up a little of your joy in all that new-ness.

  6. And why wouldn’t you be looking forward to it????


  7. Aaaaargh! That’s SUCH a gorgeous, gorgeous home. And all your ‘looking forward to’s have sparked a yearning in me that is just never going to die now.

    I love, love, love my super-gorgeous home too but… it’s not NEW now, is it!?!

    Enjoy this fabulous time of PROMISE (and mega hard work, of course).

    I will ‘look forward to’ reading about it and viewing some pics.


  8. Sounds like a wonderful plan. I’m sure you are going to love it – and be very busy!!

  9. Gorgeous house. Something I’d dream of living in. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy the journey – so much to look forward to. You won’t know what to do with yourselves with all that room after living in a terrace! x

  10. i just found your blog through Maxabella and have enjoyed the hilarious read about Father’s day last year…and your new house! STUNNING…just so very very cute. Hope you both had a wonderful sleep in.

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