Sweet Memories

Today Daisy and I trotted off for the afternoon to good friend’s 40th. It was awesome. The sun was shining and the weather just about as perfect as a Spring Saturday can turn on. Daisy *magically* played with all the other kids that were there {who she had never met before} and was hardly near me at all, there was good simple food, a few wines, some lawn bowls and plenty of laughs with good mates. Perfect.

My favourite bit? Which my friend will KILL me for, but I did warn her about, was a photo board that was put together. Old School on bits of coloured cardboard ala 21st birthday style. And some of the shots? PRICELESS. Hopefully by now she will be well and truly on her way and too drunk to realise that I have put them on my blog for everyone to marvel at. Right?
Look at this beauty. My friend and her beautiful sisters and Mum all lined up, all fancy like, for a family photos. The fringes! The taffeta! The drop waists! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

And I am not sure I have ever seen a bow quite as fancy as this one on her deb dress. And taken again, in the fancy room, in the same spot. I love it. On so many levels.

Ah my dear friend, I hope you still love me after this. But they are truly magnificent and celebrate all that I love about Australia in the 80’s. I met this great friend through work 10(!) years ago now. We used to smoke ciggies together and go out after work and paint the town (and our nails red). Now things are a little different – husbands, kids, and now no work for me, but one thing remains in our friendship. Laughter. Proper cry with tears belly laughter – at ourselves and each other, and a guaranteed good time. Happy Birthday love, I can’t wait for your 50th!
So, this Saturday I’m grateful for friends. And families. And the 80’s. Yes, all those things.
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  1. Fabulous! Utterly fabulous!!

    I am now also grateful for hairstyles which no longer require copious amounts of hairspray… I had that hairstyle, which I do believe required half a can of foot-long Silhouette hairspray per do. But damn, they make for mighty fine photos don’t they?

    happy birthday to your gorgeous friend x

  2. Gold! Aside from the magnificent 80’s fash, I love that they clearly had a designated family photo spot in front of the fancy curtains.

    Happy 40th to your lovely (understanding) friend. x

  3. Love it! If there was a decade I would have liked to have been well and truly apart of; the 80’s- hands down. There is nothing else quite like it! Glad you had such a great night. Those times are the BEST!

  4. Wow, just amazing!

    I thought hairstyles such as these were the coolest things in the world…I was a teenager in the 90’s so I have fond memories of wearing odd fluro socks and loads of scrunchies at once in the eighties…

    I recently went to the Back to the 80’s exhibition at the Powerhouse museum and it was awesome…

    Just the Michael Hutchence songbook was worth the visit…

    Happy 40th to your dear friend!

  5. Oh the drop waisted fabulousness of it all! Happy birthday to your friend!

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