Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

I am exhausted from yesterday’s efforts. I put in a BIG effort I thought all things considered. I spent far too long on hold with various companies, speaking with automated voice services, only to be transferred to different departments, and then ultimately to different companies because apparently we are moving to the country, where they use things like ‘Austar’ instead of Foxtel, and ‘Integral Energy’ instead of Energy Australia. The word ‘remote’ may have also been used a few times to describe our new location and funny comments like “gee you really are making a big change aren’t you?” made me panic. Just a little.

I dropped off 12(!) bags of clothes off to Vinnies. 12! It’s disgraceful. The amount of ‘stuff’ we had that we don’t need. With each bag dropped off, I felt a little lighter.

Then I tackled a job so huge, so mammoth that I have avoided it for the past 4(!) years and previous house move. The kids clothes. And it’s no wonder I avoided it, the process was painful. If, like me, you have siblings & friends who have had kids, who won’t be having any more kids, they tend to be very generous with handing off second hand clothes. Which is FABULOUS. Really, really helpful, and generous…but…you tend to also get a lot of ‘stuff’ that they were just wanting to get out of their houses. I collected these little bags of clothes and stuffed them wherever I could find space (which is very limited in a wee terrace house) – cupboards, behind doors, on the floor of my wardrobe, I swear that the small bags bred behind closed doors and created more bags, filled with more ‘stuff’. I would try and be diligent and remember that the old Pumpkin patch bag in Daisy’s cupboard on the second shelf to the right contained summer dresses size 3. Except then I would forget and stumble across them and realise that there was some gold in there – some Country Road, some Fred Bare that she was now too big for. And if Daisy stumbled across said bag at the same time as me? Disaster. We had quite a few tantrums over glittery sandals that just would not fit – despite her best Cinderella’s step sister impersonations. Thank GOD I had another girl so they will get used at some time. And then the other dilemma? What to keep? While *right now* I am pretty sure we are done with kids…who knows what the country air will do for me?! In any case my little sis will hopefully be blessed with a few babes {hopefully gals} who can use all my ‘stuff’. So I need to keep some of it for her, because my sister/sister in laws did the same for me. And Dear God do I have some ‘stuff’ to palm off in small bags. Oh it’s quite the business.
But, I tackled it. Head on. I went to the discount store and got some plastic containers. I pulled every single bag of clothes out and sorted them. Each and every bag. Some bags that where within bags. The big bags, the small bags. All of them. And it looked a little like this…..eeeeek!
But then, after sorting, and throwing more ‘stuff’ for Vinnies, I had just a few small containers filled with the best of the best. Organised. Sorted. Folded. Ready for Harper. Ready for whoever needs them. And ready to be stacked in our house which has so many more cupboards and garages and studios that they can breed away. Did you hear that? It was a smug scoff of delight for me whilst I said that last sentence. Our house. Cupboards. Storage space. Hmphf!
AND! They are labelled nonetheless. Thusly. Shut UP!
I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. Why on earth did I not do this years ago? WHY DID I COPE WITH THE SHOPPING BAGS WITHIN SHOPPING BAGS WITHIN BROKEN GARBAGE BAGS? WHY, DEAR GOD, WHY??!!
I have to say I smiled at those baby suits that the girls wore when they were just days old, got teary at the jumper I remember Daisy wearing in Paris, and those sighed over those jumpsuits that I *just* bought, that now no longer even fit Harper, and packed them away. In my heart. And in their boxes ready for some one. Some day.


  1. So satisfying! There is nothing better than piles of boxes, neatly labelled with everything sorted inside. We have been very lucky to have lots of clothes handed down to us by friends up until now, however have you noticed that as the children get older, the hand-me-downs get less and less? I don’t have much put away for my four year old for this summer.

  2. You are definitely having a Peter Walsh moment! The key will be to LOVE your new storage but NOT fill it with more and more stuff…

    Keep going, Beth. There is a dazzling, wonderful light at the end of the tunnel!! x

  3. Well done, what a massive accomplishment! Enjoy your newfound freedom. 🙂 it will be so good to move with that all sorted.

  4. That is bloody impressive.

    This is a topical post for me, because my sister gave me OODLES of baby gear when I was pregnant (or perhaps the best word is *offloaded*). Now, two babies (of mine) later the baby stash has grown and – oh, hello – despite an 8 year gap between bubs, my sis is pregnant with her second. SO OFF IT ALL GOES (offloaded?!) BACK TO HER. Oh the lightness…
    PS: my stuff is all bags within bags. Wish it wasn’t…!

  5. This post leaves me with a serious case of jealousy! I love looking at clear plastic bins that are labeled and sorted…such a sense of accomplishment. Glad to hear that you are making such great progress!

  6. when I read that you had avoided sorting the kids clothes for four years I felt momentary relief at my own disorganised kiddy clothing state….. then ….. THEN! Labelling? Really! You’re a legend.

  7. You seriously don’t want to see my ‘stored’ stuff. All gymboree – boxes, and boxes and boxes. At least you’re making an effort to get rid of yours!!

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