Saving all my love* for you

How does a weekend that you look forward to for so long just come by and hurry past so quickly? NOT FAIR. Not that I am complaining (although I am pretty sure I will somewhere further down the post) it was a GREAT weekend. Fabulous. Everything I hoped it would be. And then some. Where shall we begin?
Oh, how about here?

Saturday afternoon when we finally got to check into paradise for a little under 24 hours. We had an amazing room. I then hit the shops to get something new to wear for dinner and I had one of those shopping experiences that never happen. To me anyway. I went into a shop and there were ALL THESE FABULOUS DRESSES and they were all on sale and when I tried them on? One after another? THEY ALL LOOKED GOOD. I couldn’t believe it. The cut was just right. The colours perfect. The styles flattering. And so I had to buy many of them. Not all, but many. Then I got some shoes and a few more bits and pieces headed back to the room for some champagne, a long soak in the tub and then dressed in one of my frocks where we headed out to dinner. Did I mention I had suckling pig? No? Well, I did.

Then after dinner we met up with my little sis and {soon to be} brother in law for a few cocktails and then some more champagne and tunes back in our room. They had been at what they thought was an engagement party but turned out to be a wedding – so they were well & truly ready to celebrate.
We ordered room service, drank, danced and chatted admiring that amazing view. It was the perfect place for our farewell to Sydney night out…it looked just as Sydney always looks: shiny. Fabulous. On show. Perfect. I am going to miss this town.

We didn’t have a late night, which suited me just fine, because it meant more time in bed. We awoke in the morning, ate our room service breakfast and eventually dragged ourselves back to pick up the girls.
It’s funny. Whenever I am away from the girls I miss them. I worry about them, hope they are behaving and most all sleeping, and I am always so excited to see them for those first smiles and cuddles that you get. They had been angels for my Mum, and were both still so delightful. However. Approx 3 minutes after leaving Mum’s the behaviour went from “angel” to “Oh no you DITN’T leave us for almost a whole day and why yes, that is a cold I am getting and YOU WILL PAY BITCHES”. From both kids. It almost broke me. It went from so good to so very bad (or maybe it was just my inability to cope) that made me unable to deal with the kids. On Fathers Day. Yep, it was a little like that.
But. We sucked it up. Got on with it. With life. With kids. I went and picked up all the supplies we needed for dinner as Rob was having some of his oldest friends over for dinner. I cooked a marvellous roast pork dinner with some of THE best crackling I have ever done. We drank some wine. We ate some dessert which was also delicious – I made some home made caramel sauce on vanilla ice cream with roasted almonds which was like an almond magnum on crack it was that good. We chatted around the table. We got the kids to bed….eventually….and we called Fathers Day for another year over and out.
Rob’s loot from the gals…
*by love I mean whinging, bad behaviour kind of love that kids do oh so well.


  1. Oh sigh, I want that experience – even if it’s only fleeting. LOVE! {obviously I’m speaking of the champagne, fabulous room, exquisite view and suckling pig – not the devil-child behavior…}

  2. What a weekend! Dresses, cocktails, room service, views… it was all there. Thanks for helping me dream a little.

    I hear you on the kidlets. Whenever I’m away from them I miss them beyond belief and seeing them again is magic for about 2.5 minutes and then suddenly I am staring at the door wondering why I am back. It’s true that absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder. x

  3. Quay Grand is the best! Great views and lovely rooms too.

    Lucky you with the dresses, the only dresses that suit me are muumuu’s 😉 Haha

    What a weekend you had! Lucky things.

    We are off to the Whitsundays next week and I’m already nervous to leave Abi for 4 nights. But we need to getaway too. It’s normal to miss them, but you have to have downtime too.

    Sydney will always be here hun, don’t worry about missing her.


  4. Oh wow, that sounds incredible. Especially the soak in the tub and the room service breakfast! Such luxury when you have children. Please tell me how you make your crackling, I did a pork roast yesterday and the crackling was ok, not bad, not great, just ok. And that sauce for ice-cream, actually I probably don’t need that recipe as I know I will just make it and eat too much!

  5. much better than last year!

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