Point & Shoot

Sunday 19th September 2010 @ 3.50pm
A little welcome home soiree for a certain {beautiful} bride to be

What a social weekend we have had. While poor Rob stayed home almost all weekend with work and a sometimes cranky 10 month old babe with an ear infection – Daisy and I have hit the social circuit. Well we only have 2 weeks left here in the big smoke you know…Yesterday a 40th, this morning a 3rd b’day party and this afternoon? A little drinky soiree at my little sis’s place for her bestie that has arrived home from London for her wedding in a few weeks time {Hi Bridget!}.
One thing about my little sis being married {well soon enough anyway} to a chef means really good food at said drinks. This little snippet? Portuguese chicken charred on the BBQ with an aoili and over in that little bowl? Oh just some pork charred SPARE RIBS that’s what! Teamed with champagne? Um. Heaven.

Playing Point & Shoot with others over at Fat Mum Slim go and check it out…


  1. Delish – both the food and the idea that it’s only TWO MORE WEEKS until you move to your dream country home. Yikes and Yum all at the same time.

    Weirdly, I just had the thought that “Beth is moving” but then realised that you’re sort of not moving… you’ll still be here, same bat channel, same bat blog. Some things stay nicely the same. x

  2. The shot with the bubbly in the foreground is great!

  3. Looks Devine!

  4. Very nice! Drooling over the food 🙂

  5. wow!!!! delicious!

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