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OK. Enough already“. I said to myself this morning when I realised that I can now say we are moving NEXT WEEK. Enough already indeed. After a very social weekend catching up with friends and family and not doing anything much at all to do with the move, this week is going to be ALL about the move. Business time, so to speak. It’s like when you are studying for exams and you put it off and put it off and then you all of a sudden realise shit – no more time to muck around – get on with it. Know that feeling? That’s me. This week.

Yesterday afternoon in between the 3rd birthday party and the afternoon drinks, I managed to go through my wardrobe and drawers and do a BIG clean out. The rule I told Rob was “If you haven’t worn it in 12 months, it goes. Regardless of sentimentality.” The wedding dress stayed, as did all the fancy frocks I have, but everything else? Went. It felt good. 6 bags of clothes are making their way to Vinnise this morning.

And the rest of the house is going the same way. While we are moving to a much bigger house than the one we are currently in, I plan on not filling it with so much stuff. Well, so much stuff that we never use. Going through cupboards I have been amazed to find things right at the back of cupboards that have moved from 7 or 8 years ago, through 3(!) house moves. Clearly we don’t use them, never will. So they are going.

It’s all about new beginnings. I mean we can’t take nasty “stuff” to the new fancy house can we? No, no we cannot.
So, while nothing has actually been placed into a “box” yet, there is plenty of cleaning out, cleansing and chucking out going on. So that’s something, right? Plus this morning the gals are heading to Grandmas for a few hours so that will give me plenty of time to get stuck into it. If anything, this week will be good for my weight loss no? Packing, stressing, moving stuff – it’s got to be good for the inside and out.


  1. Woo hoo – way to go girl!

  2. I love a good chuck out. It cleanses the soul along with the clutter. I really think Peter Walsh is onto something (you know, the Oprah Aussie guy who believes that clearing out people’s cupboards helps them clear out their minds, love him). Enjoy the process, even though I imagine you’re pretty stressed! Don’t worry if you end up literally throwing a bunch of stuff into the back of the car at the last minute. You’ll have a long, long time to find order at your new place!

    PS – I know this comment is already very long but I wanted to have a chuckle with you because I saw your commment on PPMJ’s site this morning and I thought: oh no, she’s gone one haircut too far! x

  3. IS THAT YOUR CLOSET? I’m throwing up if it is. Too gorgeous. I don’t know if we can still be friends.

    I’m going to plan a trip to come visit you in your country home!

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