Old Macdonald had a farm…

And if anyone needs me for the next few days, that’s where I’ll be.

All 4 of us are heading off at sparrows this morning for some time in the country. Sure, I should be packing or something, but surely time with family surrounded by all that beauty is needed more? Rob will be flying back Monday morning for work, and the gals and I? Well we might come back Tuesday, we might come back Wednesday. Hey, if we feel like it, we might even come back Thursday. Let’s just see where this denial takes us shall we?

And never fear, there will be postcards from up that way just for you too.


  1. …and on that farm there were some happy kids…E.I.E.I.O…With a run, skip, leap and a whoop with glee…

    Have a wondeful time, why not hold out for the whole week?
    x Felicity

  2. Bliss!

    Enjoy hun,


  3. Sounds fabulous. Packing schmacking.

  4. Take me with you!!!!!!!! x

  5. You do know how much I want Rob’s family to adopt me??
    We could be like sisters!

    Or else maybe I could just come visit for a month or three?

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