A little life

Can I admit something? I miss my immaculately clean home. My open house clean home. I know, I am crazy. I mean I don’t miss the drama of it all. The rushing, the actual cleaning. But I miss the finished product. The fresh flowers. The mopped floors. The clean.

I made a point of not making my bed for at least 4 days but that has worn off. I am noticing the floors and all the mess now. There have been no more flowers, all the vases have been put away. And soon enough boxes will start to fill the hallway and the corners of rooms. Oh man do I hate packing and moving.
But enough of that now. What I am enjoying is seeing some life back in our house. Signs of kids. Of life. Our life. Our life that had to be put away and not seen for the past 5 or so weeks. And it’s so good to have it back. I missed that. And that mess, that life, is far better to have around than clean floors right?
Some paintings from Daisy as kitchen splash backs.

Some more Daisy creations that have to be placed ‘just’ so for full exposure.

And photos. I think I missed them most of all.


  1. Daisy’s paintings are really good! Lil is still in the abstract stage!

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