I have a confession to make. Now that I have a new house to decorate and fill and make into a home, it appears that I cannot stop looking at blogs and magazines and online shops for inspirations.

Now all I need is an endless budget and I will be able to create the house of my dreams. Some of the links I can remember where I have found the images…some I can’t…excuse me for not acknowledging them.
And once I start on one blog that AMAZES me, I look at their list of blogs and further and further down the rabbit hole you go until you realise that it’s been over an hour you have been looking. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love the interwebs.
I also have figured out my style. Or sort of my style – things I like. Things that I don’t. And it feels good to work it all out. Like I am growing up or something. Slowly, slowly I can see the sort of style that I like. An eclectic mix of colour, good design, modernist with a strong liking on all things Danish. I think. That is, until I find another blog and change my mind. Again.
This picture just makes me happy. Oh white. Oh colour. Oh black lamp. Oh fresh flowers. I love thee.

I’m going to be needing this bookcase thankyouverymuch. Or something just like it. It belong in the home of this blogger A Merry Mishap who has serious style. She has the kind of style that I wish I had.

Also on her blog I stumbled across this website: The Selby. Um? AMAHZING. This photographer goes into some amazing peoples homes and takes some pretty amazing shots whilst there. I also saw it in this month’s Belle magazine. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Did I mention that I LOVE? I love it. Hope you do too.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this wall. I want this wall in my new house. I’m a gonna need this on my wall in my new house for keeping track of all the visitors to the house each month…so watch this space. And I am a gonna make this appear in some shape or form in our house.
And this desk from this shop from the US who I discovered from fellow blogger C’est Bon Bon who lives down the neck of our new woods too! And there goes my love for a hanging pendant light…I do love them so. And that chair. That too. See? I am greedy guts.
And I thought that this looked a little like our new place. Oh green grass against a white home, I like your style. I am liking the style of these sculptures too. I think I’m a gonna me some of those too. Ahem.
And months and months ago now I was on this LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY blog: Checks and Spots who discovers the sweetest, quirkiest, loveliest things ever and came across a store on Etsy that makes stamps. And I thought, um, DELIGHTFUL. And now that I have a proper country home and I will be all country like, I figured I best get a stamp made up of our new address for all my letter writing that I’m a gonna be a doing. Right? Or should I say write?!

My little sis sent me a link to this yesterday and I was BLOWN away. The Wilderness Downtown asks you to enter the address of the street where you grew up. Or where you live now. Then prepare to be amazed. My postcard to my younger self: Enjoy being with your family, as a family. Enjoy being a kid because it ALL gets too grown up, too quickly. Again, I love the interwebs.

Now just to get on here and get my membership application filled out. Those ladies aren’t going to know what has hit them. Did someone say entry to the Sydney Royal Easter Show sponge cake category? Well why not?
Now, best I get onto some baking blogs…


  1. Ha ha HA CWA look out!!
    You may be the youngest member yet!!

  2. that downtown thing is AWESOME

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