The hair. Up there.

I have seen a few comments here and there and certainly almost daily someone stops me to talk about Harper’s hair. Harper’s hair…up there. August is notoriously windy, full of static and electricity, and everyone who talks about her hair, thinks it’s so funny the way the electricity has made it stand on end.

Except it hasn’t.
You see Rob and I in our making of babies seem to make babies with hair that sticks up. Straight up. For months and months until one day it gets enough length and then it flops. It’s a sad day that flop down hair day. I give you:
Exhibit A: Daisy 10 months old
An outrageous display of standy up hair. This is one of my all time favourite shots of her as a baby. Try not to laugh. I dare you. And her little nightie with peas on it? STOP IT YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH YOUR SWEETNESS. How did this little thing get so much attitude? I miss my Daisy baby.

Exhibit B: Harper 10 months

Except that now I have baby Harper, and well, just look at her. Not as much hair. Certainly a little lighter, but standy uppity all the same.
I’m gonna miss that standy uppity baby hair. Yes indeedy.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Daisy! You schweet,SCHWEEEEET ball of cuteness- I want to gnaw on your little cheeks! That photo is beyond adorable, beyond! And the hair has made my day!

  2. You’ll only miss it until you have your next one (baby)!!!!! ha ha!! Well you are moving to the country….. Perfect excuse for another baby – more space and more time!!! And if only for the tremendously wonderful fact that you and Robbie produce divine children!!!!

  3. I suspect Harper gets as many comments about her hair as my baldy bub gets about her lack thereof!

  4. adorable! I love big hair on babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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