Gypsy Woman: Part One

I have not been able to stop singing this song for the past 48 hours. Over and over and over again. It was a GREAT song wasn’t it? Harper thought so. See that fake smile and eye squint? She does this ALL. THE. TIME. Hilarious!

So we are now officially homeless. And you know what? It feels GREAT. I don’t have anything to do! No packing, no shopping, no nothing. We are at my Mum’s place – the kids are happy, it’s fabulous. Really it is. Sure, this will wear off in approximately 25 minutes, but right now, it’s great. I even have my wireless thingy set up on my Mac so everything feels like it should be. Sure, last night was a shocker – Daisy fell out of her bed, Harper vomited, I feel down the stairs in the night – but still it feels good not to be thinking about packing. I can slowly feel myself starting to get excited, really excited, about what is *just* about to happen. Um. YAY!

The move went really well, quickly, efficiently, and painlessly. Like you said it would be, as soon as all our stuff was out, as soon as the girls were at Mum’s, it all of a sudden didn’t feel like our house anymore. And it’s OK. The time to move on, has officially arrived.

So a few days here, then we are heading up to my Dad’s place at the beach for  a few more, and then before we know it, we will be heading down south. For good. Ah, say it with me: FOR GOOD.

Um. Yep. Yay!


  1. She is asking to be eaten up 😉

    I’ve got that song stuck in my head now too! La da di la da da….

  2. Enjoy not packing or unpacking. Have a little break and enjoy the time with the fam.

    Harper is divine! x

    PS – you won on my giveaway!

  3. Used to be one of my FAVE songs and played it recently on my iPod.

    Cute moves from Harper!

  4. You’re heading to Pearl Beach this weekend?

    We will be at our beach house too.

    Rendezvous in Terrigal?


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