The Good Life

If there is one thing I enjoy, it’s indulging in food. Or should I say, over indulging. Now that is something that I am really good at. I have never really had to worry too much about my weight. Which I am grateful for. I have been blessed with a reasonable figure – I am tall {which hides a lot} and sure I have always had a bit of a tummy, but I have gotten used to it. I was always able to cut down on food, lose a little weight and then get on with it. Sure there have been many diets that I have tried through the years but eventually I came up with a balance that meant if I kept soft drink out of the equation and just didn’t buy chocolate or bad food for the cupboard at home then I would not eat it. Simple really. And exercise? Well, never really been much of a fan. I have always wanted to get into ‘the zone’ with it – become a runner {you know how those celebrities say things like “I just started running at it all melted off me”? I want THAT), or go to the gym, but in reality I get bored after a week and then would prefer to just cut back on food. Ah yes, that would mean I am lazy.

But then I had 2 kids and while after Daisy I bounced back OK, the stomach and thighs got a little extra padding that never went away. After the initial breastfeeding weight loss that happened with Harper, once I stopped feeding the weight surely but slowly crept back on. Over the past month or so I have stopped looking at myself in the full length mirror outside the shower, and pretended to not care that what used to be my stomach is now this flabby tide of stretch marked skin that hangs. More like a flesh skirt. Shudder. It’s NOT OK. I kept thinking when I move to the country we will be outside – walking – hiking even! And with my little sister’s wedding in the new year I certainly have to focus on looking the best I can – because, well, I want to.
But here’s the thing.
I can be bothered. Well I can be, but it’s just SO BORING. Life is too short right? I tried, really tried this past week to look at what I was eating. Cut down on carbs. FOCUS. I mean I even went an purchased bathroom scales which I have NEVER owned. Never. EVER. And? I even stood on them for the first time in about 4 years. And yet? When I weighed this week from last week I PUT ON 1.2kgs! Well that sucks. Sure it could have something to do with the fact that I actually did eat risotto one night for dinner, and maybe went back for seconds and maybe had some muffin with Harper the other day and there was that wine, but besides that I was really good! Sort of.
What will it take to get me focused on this thing?
I think I am going to keep trying. Get off my arse and actually do some exercise and when this next month of crazy packing and moving and settling into a new life calms down, really focus. Really. I mean REALLY.
In the meantime, I may just keep on saying OUI! Because that to me really is the good life.


  1. I am the kind of person that once it’s in my head that I can’t have something, it’s all I really want. I obsess.

    I have done a yo-yo of fat/skinny/fat/skinny for my whole life and probably completely screwed my metabolism in the process. When I decide I want to be skinny I can do it, but I’m not a particularly nice or happy person to be around. What’s funny is people’s reaction to whatever weight I happen to be.
    As boring as it sounds I believe in moderation, moderation, moderation. It’s the only thing that makes you and your body happy.

    Actually you’ve inspired me to do a whole blog post… off to write now.

  2. Beth you are a girl after my own heart! Pass me a glass of red and blue cheese over a spinnning class any day!

  3. Summer must be coming because there are a lot of ‘weight loss’ posts about at the moment.

    I am so like you. It’s so BOOOORING losing weight. As soon as I go into ‘lose weight’ mode I OBSESS about food and it’s ALL I think about. How boring a life can you have?

    I end up putting more weight on too.

    I’m really going to give that some thought. As soon as I finish my cheese and crackers… x

  4. PS – I say ‘Yes!” to those macaroons… pass the plate, please!

  5. I have one question and one piece of advice.

    Why, on earth, did you buy scales? Chuck them out! 🙂

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