Daisy the Giant

Last weekend when Daisy and I were off to various parties the one thing that we kept being asked and commented on was Daisy. And how tall she is. We were asked if she was off to school next year, and when I told them that no, she was actually 3, people couldn’t believe it. And actually, neither can I. I mean when she was next to other 3 year old’s she looked like a giant. A beautiful giant, but a giant nonetheless. She looks more the size of a 5 year old, and even was up there with some 6 year olds. Sure, I always wanted a daughter who looks 17 when she is 10. Yep. That’s going to be great fun.

The one thing that gets tricky for a someone who looks older than they actually are, is that kids think she is older than she is. That she understands more that she does. That she knows more than she does. They get confused and frustrated that she isn’t as confident as they are, that she doesn’t understand how playing tip works for example. She pulled me aside to ask me what the kids were doing. Then wanted to know the point of the game, where exactly you are meant to tip them, then went and had a play {with me watching on for the first few minutes of course}.

So, Rob and I decided to measure and weigh her the other day just to have a look. So at 3.5 years her stats are:

: From the last time we measure her {I think} 2 months ago she had grown 3cm’s and is now 109cm(!)
: She weighs 21 kgs!
: Desperate to know the meaning of everything and anything in French
: Sleeping well{ish} at night for the first time in her entire life
: Delightful and funny
: Smart and the most inquisitive kid I know….why? why? why? how? What? HOW DOES IT WORK?!
: Has ‘friends’ that she visits when she sleeps at night. They are a rhino, hippo, dinosaur and baby and they go on all sorts of adventures every night. The stories about what they do are extraordinary “we press buttons and we get to go to anywhere then we press the button then we get to come home and then I wake up and they go to sleep!” and every night she says “I have to go to bed so I can go play with my friends, they might miss me!”Um. OK.

We looked at the blue book that has charts for her age and she is off them in both areas. In fact, she is the average size of a 6 year old! No wonder people think she is at school. I was always a tall{ish} kid at school but never the biggest {no that was Monica Lord’s role } so I know what it’s like to be tall. And I am most certainly not concerned about her size at all, it’s just that all of a sudden things come to mind and you start to worry about things in the future {as a Mama} that you have never even thought of before. Other kids picking on your kid. Because of something silly. Maybe? Or maybe not. You kid being aware of their differences to others and not liking it. Maybe?ย Or maybe not.

Just when you think that the “really” tricky part of parenting is over – the constant teaching and tantrums, the feeding and playing and learning of just the basic skills, that you realise that the “real work” is only just about to start.

Hold me.


  1. This is really freaky Beth, cause I could have written the exact same post. Lil is the exact same height as Daisy, though she’s a little older (she’ll be four in six weeks). She’s a weed at only 16 kgs (she was only 2.5kgs at birth full-term so has always been a lightweight)

    I’m constantly having issues at the park as kids think she’s older and then think she’s a little weird when she doesn’t understand a complicated game. I then have to step in and explain she’s only 3. I even had a school boy come up and tell me Lil was telling fibs and saying she was 3 when he knew she was 5.

    She towers over the others in her ballet class.

    I’m a short arse, as you know, so I’m guessing she takes after her 6 foot 3 inch dad.

    This whole post has freaked me out a little!

  2. We have the opposite problem! Our daughter is quite small for her age (skinny moreso than short) and people often misjudge her age by a good 6 months! I guess the positive is that she often surprises people with what she can do, but on the other hand, when bigger (normal sized) kids throw their weight around, she goes flying. Literally!

    Just can’t win can we?!


  3. Ha jut found your blog! Your daughter DOES NOT look her age at all! Which is totally fine it will be fun later, and she has an advantage against all the other children ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe she can give some of her height to me? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hold me back.

    Max is a giant as well, so I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s been difficult at times, but I take heart from the fact that I was a giant myself and I turned out just fine.


  5. Scary when you think of what is to come isn’t it? So many things to think about with this parenting business

    My little boy is quite big for his age too…He is 2 and a half but people often think he is older which makes it difficult as they expect a lot more from him than he is really capable…

  6. Hi, found your blog through FYBF and really enjoying the way you write ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s so bizarre, my just-4yo daughter sounds very similar too! She is over 120cm now and is literally growing like a bean. A long lean bean. She grew on average 2cm every couple of months during her 2-3 years, it was astounding how she shot up. She wears clothes that are size 7’s just so they’ll fit her long torso.

    Just wondering when she will reach puberty, as they say girls tend to take after their mothers with that and stop growing around the same time. I was 12. She could be 6’10” by then! ;P

  7. Every day that passes I realise that yesterday was so much easier than tomorrow will be.

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