Cow Chores

Sunday morning bright and early on the farm and there were cow chores to be done. I’m not exactly sure what those chores were, but it involved getting the cows into the yard then spraying them and then sending them on their way again (I kind of paid attention). We mostly watched and then Daise got a little ride one of the neighbours horses…called Lorelei nonetheless. As far as spring Sunday mornings go – I’m not sure there is anything I would prefer to be doing.

Daisy did learn important lesson though. Not the nicest lesson, but one that needs to be learned anyway. One of the new baby calves who had been born a few days before was left in the river by her Mama and died not long after. We had to move the calf up into the bush so when the dingoes eat it they don’t then go after the other 9 that have just been born. So the dead calf was chucked into the back of the truck (where we were all sitting as well) and while we could have walked back, or waited for the truck to drop the calf then come and get us, our overly inquisitive 3 year old wanted to have a look. So. Off we drove, Harper, Daisy, myself, my {step} Mother in law AND the dead calf. Maggots and all. The boys then threw {very badly} the calf into the bush and we went about our morning.

I also learnt…
: that a 3 year old will then ask approximately 87,257 times “why did the cow die? Will her Mummy be sad? Why did she DIE? Why does she smell? What is a maggot? WHAT ARE THEY DOING? WHY DID SHE DIE????!!!!” After witnessing such a thing.
: a dead calf smells very badly. In fact, the smell gets into your mouth and you can taste it.
: tired babies can fall asleep anywhere {including on my lap in the back of a truck with a dead calf with maggots.
: my husband and father in law cannot throw dead calves over electric fences well at all.
: sometimes the hardest lessons to learn in life are best learnt early. At least Rob & I think so.


  1. Oh goodness, what a lesson – but yes, agree with you that earlier’s better.

    PS: Who is that 10 year old in the photos who looks tremendously like Daisy!?!?!?!?

  2. Life on the farm! I was thinking as I read your intro and gazed on those beautiful photos ‘ah, this is the life’ and then, of course as happens on a real farm, I ended the post thinking ‘maybe not!’ But you’re right in that it was a terrific way to open the ‘life and death’ convo with Miss 3. She will be full of questions forevermore culminating in the ‘why are we here anyway?’ question that we all get stuck on eventually. x

  3. It’s a Griswold Family Trip to the Farm! Clark would be proud.

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