Last week I opened up my emails like I always do, hoping for a little comment on the blog which always makes me ever so happy. It makes opening up my emails a nice surprise each and every time, and may also make me compulsively open my emails 45 times a day. But that’s another story…

So I opened my emails and stumbled across an invitation to a morning tea about Bugaboo. I couldn’t quite get my head around it…”come and see all about the new Bugaboo Bee at an exclusive morning tea”. And the email came with a personal note from someone who seemed to know all about me. My move. Well der…you write about it on your blog almost every day. After sending it onto Rob and my sister for advice I decided to head along…I mean I never get to go anywhere so why not? So I sent off my RSVP, made nice chit chat with the lady at the PR company (who may even read MY blog?!!?) and forgot about it.
Yesterday I dropped the gals off to Mum’s place and headed off to the exclusive morning tea. I have never been to anything exclusive…but yet it seemed one step closer to achieving my lifetime goal of wearing a lanyard with my name on it. One step baby, one step closer. I figured it would be filled with Mum’s, more like a free for all with a whole heap of prams in a room and Mum’s chatting.
But it wasn’t.
It was a stylish small room. Filled with just 5 or so of us. I guess that’s what made it exclusive..right? I had to make polite chit chat with people from Essential Baby and Babyology. I mean hello? Babyology IS my hero. And then we had coffee and cupcakes (that matched the colours of the Bugaboos nonetheless) and watched a powerpoint presentation on the prams, then got to have a play.
I felt very important. Which is quite hilarious as I am quite clearly. Not. Well, to my baby who has a nasty cold at the moment sure, but to others? Ah. No. As I said, hilarious. I tried to look the part, say the right things and seem right on top of matters relating to, ah, prams. Which is quite difficult as I have always used the cheapest pram we could find in Babies Galore because a) Rob and I had an aversion to the Bugaboo because they were RIDICULOUSLY expensive and because every other sucker seemed to have one and have NO problem with throwing up to $2ooo (no that was not a typo) on a pram) and b) the cheap pram fitted into our small Toyota Echo that we had (yes that was also not a typo) because we lived in the city. So prams have not really been my thing.
But. Being fed pretty cupcakes and flat white coffees surrounded by business women, well I started to believe that I should have one. Actually, that I need one. The PR magic started to work it’s PR magic on me. A guess an overtired mum is an easy target right?
I mean look at it? It is pretty. Right? Look at the shiny, shiny special edition metallic silver that will be available for just 12 months. Again, exclusive peeps, exclusive. Sure it costs $1925 and only available from Toys R Us & Babies R Us but exclusive peeps. Important. And shiny. Me likey. And it actually seemed light. And it squashed down so small that it actually would probably fit into the back of our shitty little car too. They also had some nice new off white versions for summer. Did someone say Hamptons? In a pram? Delightful.

What a sucker.

If you are interested check out the details at Bugaboo. And in all seriousness I was very excited to be invited along to anything, especially when cake and coffee is involved so thanks to Yvette for actually reading my blog (or pretending to) and then thinking me important enough to come along. You made my day. Actually week!
So. If anyone would like to do anything just put exclusive on it. Or to really seal the deal, then make me up an lanyard and I shall be your bitch. Perhaps Rob should invite me to an exclusive ‘showing’ of his naked body…? Then he might actually get some action!


  1. Bahahahaha you are seriously funny – in reference to the last line – your blog posts always make me smile πŸ™‚ so thank you

  2. Mmm, shiny, purdy, sleek (freakin expensive) pram. I’d have rocked up for free cake too, and hoped for some freebie the company might have been palming off! Anything with exclusive, or limited edition or restricted release, on it is a must have daahling, didn’t you know?

  3. During my 2nd pregnancy I got a bee in my bonnet that I needed a new pram for the second baby – not the 2nd hand one I inherited for my first. And yes, the Bugaboo seemed like the ONLY option. Hormonally induced stupor? Yes, definitely. Did my 36 week pregnant self snap herself a deal on ebay for one? Yes. Am I happy with it? It’s lightweight, it’s easy to manoeuvre…but put it on anything other than a suburban footpath and the thing bucks and screetches to a halt on any bumpy change in terrain. Unless you turn it around and reverse steer it. Yeh right…can anyone do that?

    Besides, I can just imagine you in the country with your shiny, pretty stylin’ pram…screams city chick!

  4. I have the Bugaboo Cameleon and I love it.

    Best pram ever.

    I also have a Maclaren which is great for travel and small trips.

  5. Hehe great post!! Yay you on your exclusive event. I have to confess I was one of those that was swung around to the Bugaboo at the eleventh hour. It does have an horrendous price tag, but it really has been worth it in my opinion.

  6. I am visiting from Maxabella loves because your comment made me remember how cute you are! My husband and I have the exact same morning (complete with WTF look!).

    I’ve never done the Bugaboo thing. We have a twin Mountain Buggy and I couldn’t be happier. Does Buggaboo come in twin style?

    I already follow you but will be stopping by more regularly πŸ™‚

  7. mmmm…. pretty!… shame my Mia wouldn’t know what one is. I realised that other day that even though I carry our pram (not a bugaboo) around in the back of my car all. the. time. she’s only been in it about five times in her little life. Yay for the ERGO, now that has been awesome money spent, and it would fit in the boot of anything.

    excellent post though, I’ll be expecting to see your fancy new {rob made} lanyard soon πŸ˜€

  8. Just quietly, I’ve always felt sort of sorry for Bugaboo owners. I think it’s trouble when you find yourself talking lovingly of your pram. Not that a pram isn’t important and loveable, they are. It’s just that I was deeply, deeply in love with my Childcare Runabout and it was only $250. I couldn’t imagine what the Bugaboo would do for an extra $1700, but if it pats the baby to sleep I might consider it… x

  9. Just five people. you are definitley special. But we already knew that. I once dreamt of owning and bugaboo but could never get over the cost. Why spend $2000 {I think they were actually about $1400 a few years ago} on a pram when I could buy two or three prams for that. But it was always a dream..I was meant to have one.

    Luckily I didn’t buy one because we ended up moving away from the city and it just wouldn’t have fit our lifestyle.

    What a shame they didn’t throw one in with your coffee & cupcakes.

  10. Fabulous post! I love the first and the last line, oh and the cupcakes, oh and the “exclusivity”, oh and the pretty pics of the prams which my husband would die in hell if I suggested one to him, oh and just the thought of getting a lovely invitation such as this! Yay you. And I hope I made you excited seeing a comment email pop up, even if it is a late one. πŸ™‚

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